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The Linen Queen by Patricia Falvey
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Apr 15, 2011

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Are you tired of female character leads who are so beautiful and don't know it? All the guys are falling all over them and they never notice. Well no worries here. Sheila is an Irish beauty queen who is aware of her beauty and attempts to use it to move her forward if she has to. But she soon finds that it doesn't always get her where she needs to go...where she dreams of going, especially in a time of war. She must decide whether she will become like her moody and bitter mother or someone else. Someone stronger.

The Linen Queen is an interesting read. At first I didn't like it because Sheila was so unlikeable. She knew she was beautiful and even expressed feelings of entitlement based on it. As the book went on and she began to grow as a person, Sheila began to grow on me too. The love triangle is definitely present but doesn't take center stage. I loved the picture that was painted for me and thought this was extremely well-written. I didn't find myself attached to the character and felt like all of them could use a bit more depth. Specifically, each character seemed to fit a particular role/stereotype and they didn't seem to venture out of those lines. The exception, perhaps, is Sheila...if you buy that she has changed and truly learned a lesson.

As a reader who really enjoys characters and their development, this book was good because I enjoy WWII fiction and I really felt I was in the world that was painted for me.

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