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Drunk Monkeys Anthology Volume 3 by Matthew Guerruckey
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it was amazing

This is a fun hodgepodge of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and weirdness. As with most short-stuff collections, it was a mixed bag--some humorous, some dark, some touching, some informative, some just fun. My thoughts:

The story about the bucket was absurd and I enjoyed it.

I caught a vibe very like the Onion while reading the story about having to fire the Krampus guy because he's literally a demon.

I was really horrified and creeped out by "Awake," but also weirdly wanted to know more about the characters.

I really liked the feeling captured by "Bison Called Buffalo."

"Frozen Jonas" made me sad. You sort of feel sorry for the main guy but you know he's really a pretty crappy partner.

"2026 Bradley Place" had an interesting idea but to be honest I was kinda annoyed by some of the unbelievable stuff in it (like having a home security system that literally shrieks about intruders needing to die). But, like, I've seen stuff like that in other weird sci-fi so I guess it's just kinda doing something familiar to the genre. I hate thinking about people (and pets) scrounging around after a global disaster. :(

I didn't like the main character in the one about hating weddings. He suddenly got really possessive and toxic-masculinity-chest-beating when he got drunk, and that always irritates me.

The one about the man's shoe was one of my favorites even though the way the protagonist got arrested was absurd. Her anxiousness was a special kind of funny.

All the Star Wars essays: I'm not into Star Wars at all. There was one essay about how Star Wars teaches people to follow their dreams and trust themselves, and even though I get that, I also don't like that there are a ton of people out there who believe they're too special and too Destined For Greatness to listen to their damn parents. So that's honestly not an idea that needs much encouragement and plenty of people are saying it. (I balance that carefully though because, well, I definitely don't want people thinking they're supposed to follow authority indiscriminately either. I'm just kinda tired of how many inexperienced young men are told it's legit to reject conventional wisdom because surely what they feel and want is more important.) The essay by the person who hated the Phantom Menace was my favorite, though I also liked that another essayist said the prequel movies did NOT harm the original trilogy and people need to freaking calm down. The Phantom hater made me laugh--imagine hating it as a kid, mellowing as an adult and expecting to like it on a rewatch, and then revisiting it only to totally hate it again. Haha!

The one about the sex doll was extremely upsetting. I liked it in a weird way but wow. Yikes.

I haven't really talked about most of the poems because I read them and don't feel all that qualified to comment on their content, but I liked the mood of the poem set in a church.

The one about the person who was coming back to kill the guy who killed her family in a car crash was really good. I really enjoyed that.

The Trump Mad Lib made me lol on the bus.

The one about the elephant was a really creative way of portraying a failed relationship!

My favorite was the one about the grandmother's box of essays and the bunny clock, though of course that makes sense since I'm a writer.

The abusive dad in "Berserkerkoids Are Here" made me really freaking sad.

And I was sad about the lunchbox one too. I don't think I was meant to completely understand what was going on but the whole mood of it was melancholy and a little depressing. I remember feeling like the protagonist felt regarding going on to a new school and leaving connections behind, because I did that.

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