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Black Sun Rising by C.S. Friedman
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Apr 14, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, and, sci-fi

** spoiler alert ** I love this trilogy to an unreasonable extent, but fair warning, the slog through the first sixty or so pages of this book is a tough one. But in my opinion, so, so worth it. The world-building is top-knotch, the characters are interesting and fully realized, with complex feelings and motivations. The action takes a while to build because Friedman has set herself such a tough task - introducing readers to the world of Erna, which is a very cool and interesting blend of fantasy and sci-fi, while setting up an epic fantasy conflict at the same time.

The writing can get a tad purple, and the author does tend to linger overlong on Tarrant's icy and silvery and glowing (etc) physical beauty. That may be a tough sell for some; I found I didn't mind it, maybe because I bought into the Tarrant mystique early on.

I think the main danger for readers of this trilogy lies in mistaking what happens *to* the characters for the A-plot. It isn't. The core of the trilogy is the what happens *between* Damien Vryce and Gerald Tarrant, two diametrically opposed characters bound by mutual need but separated by prejudice, fear, distrust, competing motives, and religious doctrine. Watching them learn to work together and come to depend on each other, care about each other, and eventually (by the end of the third book anyway) trust each other while fighting for (and with) their planet is a fascinating way to spend approximately three thousand pages of your life.

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