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For a Few Demons More by Kim Harrison
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Apr 14, 2011

really liked it
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This is one of the strongest in this series so far. The biggest flaw is that there are big questions still left at the end about just what actually happened in this book. But this one actually made me cry with the death of one of my favorite characters. I'm definitely invested in this universe.

To talk a bit about the series as a whole: I find it quite engrossing light reading that is best when it's funny in its absurdity. I'm glad that the romantic aspects have stayed somewhat to the side of the plot and don't give in to cliches. Rather than being about a made-for-each-other true love, Rachel gets thrown around from one person to another, feeling different things for different people, and having to really make decisions about who she wants in her life. It's really messy and sometimes uncomfortable, and that's pretty realistic, even if we are talking about vampires and witches. I also appreciate that the smutty content isn't heteronormative or vanilla. Although Rachel is pretty sure she's straight, she has to deal with her female roommate wanting a romantic relationship with her, and there's also quite a bit of vampire sex business that is pretty BDSM. Even when I don't actually like what's happening in the romantic plots, I respect them.

These were recommended to me as a Dresden Files substitute, and I would recommend them to Dresden fans in my turn. Probably not as good as the best of Butcher's books, but also probably consistently better than, say, the first Dresden book. And without any of the sexism that people often have problems with in that series.

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