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The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein
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Apr 14, 2011

it was amazing
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Recommended to Wayne by: Goodreads friend Ann
Recommended for: all those interested in the Holocaust
Read from June 14 to August 15, 2011 , read count: over and over!!!

This is one of the most disturbing Holocaust books you will ever read.

But then one realises, that like any race, the Jews have never been a homogeneous group.Some Dutch Jews on hearing of Hitler's moves against the German-Jews in the early 1930's thought that the Jews there must have done something to deserve the German Government's ire.And during the Holocaust Jews betrayed their own kind to the Nazis.Since the end of the war Jews have blamed the victims for not fighting back. In Israel Holocaust victims have not always received the sympathy one would expect.

This book claims that Jewish Organisations claiming to represent the Holocaust victims have actually been falsifying evidence to rip off Swiss and German Banks for reparations and none of this money was ever intended for the victims.
At first I found this hardly credible and it made me aware that just because something is in a book doesn't make it true.
However Finkelstein produces cogent arguments and evidence to back up these seemingly outrageous claims. Having some powerful, influential and wealthy Jewish institutions working against him while being supported by the victims themselves, one can only imagine that you could only advance such arguments if they were true.He certainly has nothing to gain.Even Holocaust icons like Elie Wiesel and Simon Wiesenthal are shown up as fraudsters.
If true, this book exposes s Major Scandal and Outrage.

A MUST read for anyone remotely interested in the Holocaust and its aftermath.

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message 5: by Al (new)

Al Bità Hmmm... Does this mean that Jews are nothing special, and that they are simply ordinary human beings?


message 4: by Trevor (new)

Trevor Hi Wayne. Perhaps it isn't so surprising really. If you think that some of the worst homophobes are homnosexual, some of the worst racists are black (and they use the N word a lot) it wouldn't be so surprising to hear that a Jew can be anti-semitic and do anti-semitic activites. I think of Senator Joe mcCarthy or J Edgar Hoover persecuting gay people in the last centure yet they were both secretly gay.

Wayne Dear Trev and Al,
Thanks for your comments which DO resonate.
When I was running training courses for the Migrant Health Care Interpreters I learned that the people who exploited them most when they were settling into Australian society were their own people. This has been occurring here with Asian women brought to Australia for some great job and who find themselves working as sex slaves.Under the thumb of other Asian men and women. Al, I recall your story of how your Dad was exploited by his own sister and her husband.
Wait till I post my next Holocaust book.
This one by Finkelstein I felt was very sincere and genuine.
This next one "Debating the Holocaust" by Thomas Dalton Ph.D may be well-intentioned but....Ouch!!

message 2: by Al (last edited Nov 30, 2011 07:58AM) (new)

Al Bità Hi Wayne, Hi Trevor

Yes, and I suspect it's but the tip of the iceberg! Something to do with one's sense of 'identity'... I became even more aware of it when I was researching in the Policy Department of the Special Broadcasting Service. It appears it happens to every migrant group that is more or less mass introduced into a 'new country': the citizens of the latter naturally consider themselves superior to the new arrivals, and expect them to eventually merge and meld with the general population. Until they do, there is a kind of resentment, so new arrivals tend to cluster together and build up their confidence — and it is there that they become victims to their own kind. It has happened to the Chinese, the Italians, the Greeks, the Vietnamese, etc etc. The children of that first lot then grow up in a kind of netherworld in which they feel they do not belong to either side, and this tends to reaffirm 'commitments' to their parent's side, and that nurtured anger and resentment against the other side (sometimes, this is even reversed!) So they tend to become 'rebellious', and that also feeds into those of their own kind who exploit their emotions... Usually, the next generation will find that their children and grandchildren belong to the 'general public' of their new country.

The Jews, on the other hand, I find especially sad, because their religious leaders tend to cater for the more conservative of their group: and Judaism, since it first started in the fifth century BCE, was founded on being isolationist and separate from whatever group they cohabit with, and see that as the only way they will retain their 'identity'. This is very slowly being eroded, but the strength of their conservative religious leaders lies in their control of this idea of separateness. The process I mentioned in the previous paragraph is resisted, and the result would have been the irony that say, one lot of Jews from a particular country would have considered themselves 'different' to other-language/culture Jews: the very concept of self-preservation of each group identity would have resulted in a weakening of any cohesive movement. The ironic result is that the Nazis, who didn't care one iots about those differences identified them all as Jews, and all of the same type, when in fact they were not... So in a sense, those reinforcing the isolationist principle ironically contributed to the holocaust.

If there is one thing a close reading of the Hebrew Bible ( and by that I mean the Bible of all the Hebrews, not just of the Judaic strain) shows it is that the stories of the men and women provided there reveal that they were, are and will always be human beings first and foremost (the priests writing up the Bible continually show them as bucking the systems the priests wanted to impose on them). While the influence of those priests remains, the Jewish people will always remain shackled and prisoners of their own system. Look at Israel today: the Jews are creating their own ghettos by building walls around themselves! How ironic can one get?!

Wayne "Who will rid me of this interfering priest???!!!" groaned King Henry.
Well, they tried and whoops!!! ended up with........... SAINT Thomas a'Beckett!!!!
The Protestants almost eliminated them, stripping them of magic powers and some status and loading them with a wife.
We can only wish the Jews luck. They did get rid of their priests but are saddled with the burden of Tradition and all its mindless rules and regs.
Perhaps it just says a great deal about Human Nature.
I think I could dribble on like this alot more, but would anyone else like to continue??
Its a quarter to two AM and One does require SOME Beauty Sleep!!!

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