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Blood Witch by Cate Tiernan
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Apr 13, 2011

really liked it
Read on November 14, 2011

Wiccan spells, romance in the air, an uneasy sense of not being able to trust anyone around you. The 3rd book in the series is the best so far. We see Morgan really come into her own in this book. She finds out more stuff about her birth mother, Maeve, as she finds her Book of Shadows in Cal's mother's library. Why is it there? Why haven't they both told her that it's there? These are the questions that they try to answer, but the answers that Morgan gets are just ridiculous. But, she continues to trust Cal because she thinks she's in love with him.

Enter Hunter & Sky. Hunter, is Cal's half brother and he's also a Seeker. A member of the International Witch Coven, which is there to regulate the rules & regulations within the Coven's and to make sure that no black/evil magic is being preformed. Hunter is there to keep Cal away from Morgan. He fills Morgan's head with information about how Cal doesn't love her but needs her for his own black magic.

Morgan finds out that her coven leads back to black magic, persay, the Woodbane's, and so does Cal's. But unlike Morgan's ancestors, who have renounced the black magic, Cal's has not. Not wanting to believe any of this about Cal, Morgan fights back against Hunter.

Cal is someone you love, but he starts to gives you the creeps a few stories in. Like now. I've always thought something was up with him, and now I keep going back and forth if he's evil or not. Or if maybe just his mother is and he has no clue.

Bree & Raven, formally of the circle, decide to break away and start their own circle, with Sky and that worries Morgan, Cal and her friends too.

A lot of secrets still to be uncovered. And again, we got great back stories with narration's by journal type from both Cal (Sgath) and Hunter (Giomanach). You won't really pick up that it's them until towards the ending, but after you do, it's a moment of "OMG, of course it's them". We learn a lot back story about Hunter and how a few bad things have happened to him. And we also see that Cal is not only in love with Morgan, but seems to be a bit obsessed with her and her magic as well. Can he be using her? Maybe....

The ending just left me in shock...Here's hoping that Hunter makes it to Book #4, because I'm starting to believe in Hunter more and more and disliking Cal more and more.

Oh and Morgan's sister Mary K., just annoys me.

Loved this book!! On to book #4!

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