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Mind Fuck by Manna Francis
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Apr 13, 2011

it was amazing
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Read on April 15, 2011

Cant believe I made it through.. So fucking tired.. But there was no way in hell I could stop reading this book.. Holy Hell!!

Review tomorrow..

-------------------- Next day ---------------

So, I started this book, or free read online, late one night.. Which was a really stupid idea, because even though I was so tired at 1 am, 2 am, 4 am, that my eyes really wanted to close, there was just no freaking way I could have not finished this book in one go.. Just no way in hell..

Its strange though.. I cant tell you why I was so hooked..

Its about Toreth and Warrick. The world setting could be out in the future. We never get a year, but its definitely a high tech world, where people can live on Mars too.. But with that said, I loved that there wasnt a "Sci-fi" feeling to it.. Yeah, we heard about Mars, but it was just in passing. I really liked that. Made it must easier to picture these two guys. In my mind at least.

Anyway.. Ok, so yeah, at first its a bit confusing. Because what exactly is "The Administration? And is Europe now one big state? Why is London now called New London? What happened to the old London? (lol)

Anywho. Toreth is a über-cop of some sort. He's a Para. A top dog if you will. He can investigate and interrogate.. Its the interrogating thats the crazy part. Because in this society, they can torture the "criminals" to get them to confess.. So yeah, he's a tough SOB.

Warrick is a Doctor or a proffessor. He's created a SIM machine/world. A lot of the story evolves around the SIM. Suddenly people start dying while they're using the SIM, and Toreth gets assigned to the job, to try and find out if its the SIM itself thats killing the peeps, or if its someone outside trying to sabotage the SIM. Of course Warrick is positive that its not the SIM.

So I would say, this is a mystery more than anything else.. It took me a while, well thats a lie, it took me a few chapters, and I was sooo hooked.. Wanted to know who killed all these peeps.. and then it was the story between Toreth and Warrick that got me.. But Im getting some Dan and Vadim vibes from these two, so I'm trying really hard not to get too involved with them.. (yeah right) When I at one point, got a real life fucking shiver from something Toreth did with Warrick.. Yeah.. I think I've lost the "not get too involved" game.. Crap..

I think its an amazing story and its sooo hard not to get hooked into it.. Yeah, there are a lot of "big words" and words that may not get explained in the beginning, but for some reason, you dont get left behind. You just flow with it, and really cant help but love it at the end!
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04/15/2011 "Chapter 10: Very interesting plot and I'm definitely loving the chemistry between Toreth & Warrick.."
04/15/2011 "Chapter 18: Toreth is a psyko-freak.. And I like him.. Wait.. What?"
04/15/2011 "Chapter 25.. This is effing addictive.. I want answers!!!"

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Emanuela ~plastic duck~ I have it for this challenge. I'll read it as soon as I can. Mmmmmmmmm, I love these stories. I like them BAAAAAAAAAAD! :)

Camilla You'll love it, E! It's an amazing read! But do yourself a favor and order the rest of the books, beforehand. I didnt know that the "real" books were unavailable as ebooks, so I was lost when I wanted to go straight to #2. Have to wait a week for them now.. :o(

Celine It's Amazing! but what is this about 'real' books.... aren't these the other stories you find on her website?

Camilla The next one is called "Quid Pro Quo" and I cant find it on her website.. She writes at the top, thats its not available yet online? The same with the reas of the "real books". The ones with a # in the series. Or maybe I'm confused.. lol I jsut cant find the #2-6 books on her site?

Celine I understood that Quid pro quo contained an additional novella that wasn't on the site but the rest was a compilation of the available stories... Anyone know for sure????:) i'm in need of EVERY Toreth/Warrick fix i can get

Camilla Damn.. Her website is blocked here at work, so I cant go see what it says.. But after finishing this one, I tried to match the stories on here, to the ones available on her site, and it didnt add up.. So I ordered the books instead.. lol Definitely need my Toreth and Warrick fix too... And I'd love to have them in my collection.. :O)

Celine okay so since you ordered them, let me know if they are the same as the stories online :)

this is the kind of quality you wanna pay for! and give it a really nice place on your bookshelf, right smack in the middle :)

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ I actually bought the first book because I can't stand reading it on the computer screen, but it requires adobe reader, so I'll have to read it on the computer screen anyway :(

Celine babe, you can copy paste and save as .txt does that not work on Kindle? my sony wouldn't take the .doc... reading on computer screen is crap! the scrolling, the light..ouch!

Celine goddamn those books are expensive :) why does all the good gay novels cost so much?!

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ Sometimes the obvious eludes me :(

Celine well a quick bout of research tells me there is always at least one story in the 'real book' that is not available on the website. But for Control (4) all stories can be found online... oh well. i'll start with the free bits :)

Celine @Manu: it's cause you're a genius , they miss the obvious :p

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ Sugarcoat'R'Us? Thank you ;P

Celine Celine ~Shugar~ ;)

Celine oh my god, i have started those stories! it's even better then the book! it's about Toreth and Val's developping relationship.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargghghghg exactly what i want to read right now! Toreth's in denial, big time hahaaa! they are on the 'highway to settling down' and they are both staring at the ceiling and ignoring the pink elephant in the room, it's great!! fuck me this is great!

Camilla OMG!!! Dont say that, when I'm waiting on pins and needles for these damn books!!! I'm sooo effing close to just say 'fuck it' and go read the online stories.. I just dont want to miss anything big!

But it sounds like you're getting hooked into it? lol Awww... I SO want to read them now!!

Celine Hooked???? I'm in too deep turning back... aah :)
all these stories combined i have 1000 pages of small font on my e-reader... oh god oh god i'm never gonna finish this quarterly challenge if I go on this detour :)
You said mind fuck has the same vibe as Dan and Vadim? i haven't yet read that.... i'll put in a few books before starting those just to clean the palate ;)

Camilla If you like this, you'll love the Special Forces books too.. They are brutal and insane, and your life will never be the same again, but its worth it!

And yeah, I get the same vibe.. but I've only read the first book, and I'm dying to just keep reading.. but I have to read it in order (or my OCD will go crazy.. lol) and the next story is not online! Arghhhh!

Celine the next from the Administration you mean? that's online :) it's starts with '3 months after Mind Fuck' ooooo go and read it's waiting for you.... and then the next...and then you get to pancakes and you wont be able to stop :) but do get some sleep in between!

Camilla The one called "Quid Pro pro" or something is online??

And no matter what, I cant read it here, cause her website is blocked here at work.. lol

But I bought all of the books, because I thought I couldnt read them all for free..:o/

Celine ha no that one is not online..bummer! oooh if i had too much money i would buy them all :)

Camilla Yeah, it cost a fortune, but I was sooo hyped up, wanting to read moooreee, after finished this, that i just couldnt help myself.. lol I'm going to lock myself in and just read when I get them.. Thankfully I have the next 2 weeks of.. just hope I get them soon!

Little Butterfly Is it a bit like ItCoS?

Camilla Yeah it is, Jodie.. But very differnt at the same time.. I think I once said that ItCoS was a mix of SF and this one..

I think you would defo like it.. :)

Vicki Ok Camilla, you've convinced me! lol. We seem to like alot of the same books, and we agreed on SF, so I'm going to give it a try. Just tell me the ending is better then SF and will give me the warm fuzzies instead of a pit in my stomachbecause I don't think my heart can take another Dan and Vadim sitch!

Camilla I cant really comment on that, Vicki.. o_O But the ending is defo not like SF.. And these guys in this one, is very different to Vadim and Dan, and their view on sleeping around.. Sounds bad, I know, but you'll see what I mean when you start reading it.. :) I really think you'll like this one too. :D) I cant wait to follow your progress.. ;)

Vicki I think I'm going to read A Matter of Time series first because it's shorter, this way I'll be ready in March to read my book club book, then I'll take on Admin. I start school in March too, than BDB at the end of March...oh, Lordy I'm going to busy! lol

Camilla LoL - Too many books, too little time, and all that.. ;)

Vicki So true! And the list continues to grow daily!

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