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Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk
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Apr 13, 2011

it was amazing
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Read on January 05, 2013

Having seen this book around on Goodreads and on my Amazon recommendations I wasn't really sure what to expect but this book totally blew me away. I just loved it!

Allie Beckstrom lives in a world where magic is part of daily life, but not your sparkly, pixie dust kind of magic, but raw magic channeled through the city and with a price to pay. Every time someone uses magic, the magic uses you back. It might give you a headache for a few days, make you feel sick or as often happens in Allie's case, takes some of her memories away, so there are many things she cannot remember having done or people she should know.

She is a Hounder, someone who can read the signatures left by others when they cast spells. Each signature is individual like fingerprints and when someone leaves a big nasty old spell wrapped round a poor 5 year old Boy, son of an acquaintance, Mama, Allie knows she has to do something to stop the man who did it, only that man is someone more personal than she really expected.

Unfortunately she gets way too involved and has to run for her life as her memories fail to provide her with an alibi for the crime she is accused of, but did not commit. She also has some help from a strange, but sexy man name Zayvion Jones, who doesn't quite reveal who he is or what he can do, but he's always there for her, until the end. I'm still not convinced he did truly betray Allie - I think it was all a ruse, but we'll find out hopefully in the next book.

I loved Allie as a character - she was strong, feisty, but not without her weaknesses. I really felt for her when her memories left her lacking in information. Although she came from a rich background, you could tell her principles were way more important to her than the money and was more than willing to live a life of poverty instead of bowing down to the rules and regulations of her father.

I loved the world building in this one as well. I totally felt like St. John's was one of the most dangerous, scummiest places on earth, yet Allie felt at home there - not sure why, maybe the lack of magic soothed her.

I can't wait to get through the rest of this series!

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