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Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones
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Apr 13, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: paranormal, ghosts, funny
Read from February 01 to 04, 2012

This book was fabulous! I can honestly say I loved every single page, and not because of Charley's severe coffee addiction. That's just a bonus.

I loved this book because Charley gets funnier, Reyes shows more of his hot devilish side, Cookie and Charley have the most hysterical dialogue, and Wong is...still in the corner.

Somewhere about halfway into Third Grave it hit me that I was completely wrapped up in the plot. Charley isn't just the grim reaper, Reyes' love interest, or a crazy woman in search of her next coffee fix. She's a P.I. with some serious chops for the job. I didn't realize I was paying attention! I was laughing so much that it took me by surprise to find an honest-to-goodness mystery in the middle of all that comedy.

Then at ~85% through the book, about when I'd adjusted to the concept of a mystery in my comedy, this emotional depth crept in and I got whalloped with it's intensity. Hiding the emotional content behind the comedy was sneaky as hell, but also extremely effective. It made the emotional whallop hit harder.

My reactions to this book can be summed up like this:
Smile, laugh, giggle, awwww, gasp, guffaw, P*SSED!, snort, swoon, WTF?, laugh, cry cry cry, WOW.

Yes, you read that correctly. I 'guffawed'. Out loud.

Well played, Ms. Jones. 5 stars.

I'd give an extra-credit star for the coffee if I could.

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message 1: by Littleirish (new)

Littleirish I saw it but didn't pick it up yet. I was disappointed with the last one. I'll see what you think about it.

Suzanne (Doppleganger) I loved this (LOVED!), but I enjoyed Second Grave too. I guess it depends on what about Second Grave disappointed you.
Third Grave is like Second in that it is another zinger after zinger, in fact the comedic factor is ramped up even higher. It's also still not a HEA romance - it gets sexy, but the HEA lingers just out of reach.

message 3: by Littleirish (new)

Littleirish Ah. Well I did think the humor was over the top and the HEA tease does bother me. It's not that I mind a drawn out story if I can see the reasoning. But Charlie baffles me.

Chantal Halpin I thought it was better than the last one - I found the ending of Second Grave upsetting, but this one put that to rights. But I do love Charley, she cracks me up.

message 5: by Suzanne (Doppleganger) (last edited Feb 06, 2012 06:20PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Suzanne (Doppleganger) Things do make more sense this time between Charley and Reyes, and there's more going on plot-wise than Reyes and his issues.
Charley is even funnier this time! I laughed so much during this book.

Chantal Halpin I lol'ed at the 'questionable morals' conversation :D

Dana "dew" I can't wait for this one. I'm might have to break down and get it on kindle. sigh. I hate having mismatched collections of books though. smile.

Suzanne (Doppleganger) The 'questionable morals' running joke cracked me up too! I also thought the recap of book 2 was brilliantly done - I normally hate infodumps like that but this was done as a hysterical conversation between Charley and Gemma. Brilliant!
Dew, are you waiting for the paperback? This one might be worth breaking up a matched collection for.

Chantal Halpin Yes it really was done on the sly, I liked that. I'm reading Web of Lies by Jennifer Estep - which I really like, but man the dumping was a yawn fest!

message 10: by JLS (new) - rated it 5 stars

JLS Her books are great but the dumping just made me skim most of it. I can't handle all that info again and again.

Suzanne (Doppleganger) I agree, Jenny. Estep is the worst infodump offender I've read.

message 12: by Dana (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dana "dew" No... I have the rest in audio book format... (I may have to Kindle it.) I look forward to some quirky bumper-sticker chapter titles, etc...

message 13: by Dana (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dana "dew" Okay... I am sooooooooooooo glad that I wasn't the only one who got all teary-eyed @ the end there.

smile. Loved the book & loved your review!

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