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The Stranger by Albert Camus
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Apr 12, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: classics, philosophy

I imagine Camus would praise the emotionless psychopath who can torture babies with out any feeling or remorse, I mean just look at the philosophy Camus seems to be promoting. Since all is meaningless, why care? love and life mean nothing, so live with an apathetic indifference. Pay no mind to moral norms, do your own thing, just follow your fleeting animal desires. Reserve your strong feelings to express hatred for the religious, for you don't have time to waste thinking upon uninteresting nonsense. The fact that the character in this story likely resonates with people, is a bit scary. And yet I may be over reacting over all of this.

But yeah, with that rant aside, I do appreciate a philosophical work put in the form of a short story. The luck and chance and mindless actions that resulted in the murder were interesting, and then the trial was interesting too; how the prosecutor interprets and misconstrues the evidence and how strong peoples reactions were to his indifference concerning his mothers death. With my rant above, I show I too reacted, maybe to harshly. Though he feel nothing for his mother and no guilt all over killing a man and no love for the woman he is using and none of these are overly extreme, where does one stop with indifference, if he fancied torturing little babies for the mere amusement of it, he would not have felt any shame in this either. He is accused of having no soul, of being callused and hard and I walked away from the book agreeing.

But yeah, on sad thing is beautiful woman are attracted to men who are like the main character in the book. They give their love and bodies to men who could really careless about them and who never even intend to love, but are pretty open with the fact that all they want is sex.
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