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it was amazing
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This has got to be one of the most hyped books in the existence of YA evers. And you know what? It is 5000% WORTHY of that hype and more and basically get thee to this book and read it as soon as possible. It perfectly combines a really important story about #BlackLivesMatter and speaking up for it with absolutely excellent writing and storytelling. Like, dude, this book is important and one of the best contemporaries.

So I have to admit: the character are what makes it that just something incredibly special for me. Starr was SO winning and rootable (shh that's a word) and I loved how she was so complex and had such personality and was so honestly relatable. And then the book focuses SO much on family!! Be still my beating heart. <3 I looooove books about family and Starr has the kind of parents YA is in desperate need of: in love, supportive, respectful of each other, and bringing their kids up the best they can be. LIKE HOLD ME I'M FLAILING.

(Also it was really refreshing to have teens that respect their parents...because I can't tell you how sick I am of how many books I encounter were the kids are just selfish disrespectful jellyfish. That wasn't how I was brought up so it's like nice to see kids who can talk to their parents about anything, LOVE THEM FIERCELY, and also do not dare muck up too bad or they'll get in huge trouble. I love it.) Basically Starr calls her parents her OTP and....dude yes.

I also absolutely adored all the secondary characters. Like they were ALL so real and complex?!?? It wasn't like "oh here I am reading a piece of paper". More like "oh here I am being with these humans who are like totally alive to me". SO THAT'S INCREDIBLE. A+ for writing at every corner basically. And I absolutely adored Starr's older brother Seven, and Sekani the younger bro was adorable too although entirely annoying...as younger siblings are. And then Starr had an epic Asian friend (and also a racist friend whom we all want to kind of smack into the middle of next week...that gets dealt with tho). And even DeVante was just adorable and I love how his story line went.

Oh oh see this is the thing?!?? EVERY character had their own storyline. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. And that's why this book is so good and the story so real.

• Starr has friends who are women, like god bless, this shouldn't be irregular but it is in a lot of books
• Starr has a super sweet relationship with her uncle as well
• It's funny!! It's such a serious story line but there are still quips and TONS of time where I was grinning like a dork
• It's #ownvoices
• It's unfair but it also shines light into the world, so I feel sad but GOOD finishing it and I think it just sent an excellent message in a really hopeful way

I do have to admit two things were not my favourite. And that would be (1) it's very long...I have yet to meet a contemporary that is nearly 500 pages that I think should be that long. Erm, SORRY. Concise = my friend. And (2) I didn't feel very much chemistry AT ALL between Starr and her white boyfriend, Chris. They both seemed to be a bit of a problem to each other. But ya know, it's a sweet romance and I didn't not ship it, I just think it was definitely the weakest part of the book. (view spoiler)

Also I really learnt a lot about the #BlackLivesMatter movement. It was really good to just be reading this and knowing it's #ownvoices and just taking it all in. The horror that is the justice system is so sickening. And I was so scared for everyone's lives and just knowing HOW REAL THIS IS made an impact. No one should have a friend die in front of them, and Starr has it happen twice. It's heartbreaking. This is such an important book. It tackles racism and police violence and the corrupt justice system head on.

ALL IN ALL: go read it, obviously. I mean, what else is there to say?!?? The writing is beautiful and incredible, there are so many perfect sentences that I was underlining in my kindle, and I loved Starr and her incredibly family so much. <3 It's a SAD book but also a HOPEFUL one.

(And mate, I'm a fantasy reader addict, so look at me go, loving a contemporary so much.)

*** QUOTES ***
Note: these are taken from an ARC so don't use them anywhere! They might not be the final edits!

"Brave doesn't mean you're not scared, Starr," she says. "It means you go on even though you're scared. And you're doing that."

"So she unfollowed your Tumblr thingy," Momma says, proving why she can never have one.

I feel like shit right now. I can't believe I let Hailey say that. Or has she always joked like that? Did I always laugh because I thought I had to?
That's the problem. We let people say stuff, and they say it so much that it becomes okay to them and normal for us. What's the point of having a voice if you're gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn't be?

Funny. Slave masters thought they were making a difference in black people's lives too. Saving them from their "wild African ways". Same shit, different century. I wish people like them would stop thinking that people like me need saving.

"Daddy, you're the worst person to watch Harry Potter with. The whole time you're talking about" -- I deepen my voice '''Why don't they shoot the nigga Voldemort?'"
"Ay, it don't make sense that in all them movies and books, nobody thought to shoot him."

"Sometimes you can do everything right and things will still go wrong. The key is to never stop doing right."
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Angie Thomas
“At an early age I learned that people make mistakes, and you have to decide if their mistakes are bigger than your love for them.”
Angie Thomas, The Hate U Give

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message 1: by Tandie (new) - added it

Tandie Such a good review Cait! I might find this on audio, because 500 pages! I share your feelings, concise is bueno.

Samantha (WLABB) Another fabulous review from you. I have heard only good things about this book, and am interested in reading it myself.

C.G. Drews @Tandie: Yes! I think it'd be great on audio!!

@Sam: Aw, thank you! It's such a special book to only be getting sooo much high praise! AND WORTHY OF IT.

Caroline D. (CarolineReads) This is a wonderful review. I haven't heard much about it, just a lot of people saying, "Read it!" Thank you for sharing your thoughts, you definitely motivated me to look out for it and read it hopefully soon!

message 5: by meiramcb (new) - added it

meiramcb Such a wonderful review! I added this on my TBR when I saw you rated this 5 STARS like hello world, it's a sign to read this beauty for Cait approves it and we all know she has a very HIGH standard on novels! Will surely read this for sure!

message 6: by Bee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bee That HP quote gets me every time xD

message 7: by Bee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bee Also I totally get Starr when she says her parents are her OTP. Mine are too. They're adorable. <3

 pagesandteastains This review is everything

message 10: by Evelynn (new) - added it

Evelynn C Cait, you always make me feel like reading these books! It looks super interesting. You hooked me up :)

Jessi (Novel Heartbeat) Literally went straight to my library's website and requested this after your first paragraph!

message 12: by C.G. (new) - rated it 5 stars

C.G. Drews @Jessi: YAS!! I hope you like it too!!

Schly I loved your review EXCEPT the little part about Chris and Starr, that's it. But besides that... WOW!!! I have the same exact opinions you just wrote down for me. LOL

Jennifer Simms I loved this book. I agree with all Cait listed in her excellent review. I disagreed about Starr and her boyfriend I liked this because they had to work through many layers of stuff. All in all this book explored so many layers to get to core essence of relationships.

Tiana Jayne I’d write my own review but THIS COVERS EVERYTHING AMAZING ABOUT THIS BOOK. Even with the stuff about Starr and Chris, 100 percent agree. Thank you!!

Maisie_Everitt Isn't this book good! One of my favourite books ever!

Maisie_Everitt Your rewiew explains it so well, without spoiling it.

10304 김민정 Your review is really nice!! I have never seen such a wonderful review!! I think this book is really good. And thanks for your review, I will like this book more!

message 19: by Lara (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lara Maynard Ditto on the length and the not much chemistry Starr-Chris romance,

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