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Nothing Ever Happens by Sue  Brown
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Apr 11, 2011

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This book was about Andrew and Nathan's love story, a story which spans 7 years to actually come to fruition. What I don't get about stories such as these is why stay with someone who you don't love (or who doesn't love you). Alex, Nathan's wife, KNEW Nate was having sex with someone other than herself. She knew he was having sex with Andrew and that they were undeniably drawn to each other over anyone else. She also knew that Andrew was in a fake marriage to Stephanie because they had been forced to marry as teens, by Drew's mom, when Stephanie fell pregnant on the one time they had sex. Now, knowing this Alex stays with Nathan and makes sure (won't spoil) that he stays with her.

As with another reader I found the label, 'older man', stupid when it referred to Andrew (as he was in his mid 20s when the story starts and hardly what one would classify as an older man even though, sure, he was older than 23 year old Nate). It made it sound like he was a LOT older than 26, frankly. Almost made it sound like a May/December relationship LOL. But that was just a niggle.

The cheating was annoying because, apparently, it was OK in a gay marriage so, therefore, OK (unbeknown to wife) in a straight marriage? If you need to cheat (and we're not just talking once which is, also, not acceptable) constantly GET OUT OF YOUR MARRIAGE. I realize we're supposed to sympathize with these two men who are so in love with each other but what about the one man's wife. Sure, Drew's wife is fine with it because theirs is a farce of a marriage, but Nate's wife isn't fine with it. I still don't get why she was accepting of Nate's infidelity. Did she really have no self esteem? Is that why she allowed it to continue and said nothing? And stayed?

I really wanted to like this story as I liked Drew. I suppose there are reasons for an elementary school teacher to keep his relationship with a man a secret when he's a big fat cheater. But, otherwise, is there any reason for a gay man to keep quiet about being gay if he teaches elementary school children?

I think Drew deserved to be treated better. I liked Rich but how convenient that he ... (won't ruin it).

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Diana Lopes I know i feel the same when i read it

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