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Enclave was a breath a fresh air. If you are looking for a book with lots of action, a strong, ass-kicking heroine, and romance that takes a back seat, Enclave is your book.

This book is marketed towards, "Fans of The Hunger Games." Ummm...why? The only similarities I can possibly see is the strength of the main characters. Katniss and Deuce (how awesome is her name?!) are both hunters and get into a lot of fights. And both books do feature dystopian societies.

Enclave is very fast paced in the beginning. The book begins right before Girl15's naming ceremony. She finds out her name is Deuce and she officially owns the title of "Huntress." As a Huntress, it is her job to brave the dark tunnels and bring food back to the enclave. It is a very dangerous job. Why? Because there are Zombies Freaks!
The zombies in this world are rather interesting. They do not seem to infect anyone, they just want to eat you.


Deuce lives in her enclave which is underground. She has never seen the sun and no one in her enclave lives very long. They are lucky to live to be 25. (view spoiler) No one seems to know how they ended up there and where the freaks came from. The enclave has strict rules that she firmly believes are there to protect everyone. However, after she is paired up with Fade, a boy who grew up Topside, she slowly begins to question everything she is taught. One day Deuce and Fade are exiled from their enclave and forced to live Topside where vicious gangs battle it out over territory. Add in the zombies and you have one hell of an adventure!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE strong heroines. I can not stand a damsel in distress. Thankfully, Deuce can hold her own and then some. Seriously, the girl was a badass. She had me sooo happy at parts, I found myself saying, "Oh Hells yes!" during the battle scenes.

One thing I really appreciated about this book was the question of, "What is strength or weakness?" In the beginning of the book Deuce measures that with how well a person can defend themselves. As a huntress, she was always taught showing emotion was a weakness. However, she later learns that strength can be measured with ones ability to endure. This proves especially true for the character Tegan. She is viewed as a very weak character, but IMO was the strongest of all. Deuce realizes she doesn't possess the physical strength of most fighters, but Tegan has a mental strength that keeps her pressing forward. Deuce later acknowledges that those emotions are not a weakness, and that causes her to reassess her own character.

I really liked how this book moved fast. It is a quick read, but the way Ann Aguirre writes it, it feels longer. There were a lot of unanswered questions about the world they live in and I expect it will be answered in the next book based on how this one ended. I can't wait!

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Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Oh, I absolutely loved this book. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Steph Sinclair I hope so too. Sounds like my kind of book.

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) I'll be waiting for your review. :)

Amanda "This proves especially true for the character Tegan. She is viewed as a very weak character, but IMO was the strongest of all."

THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT. I was so pissed throughout this book every time Deuce implied that Tegan was weak just because she wasn't physically as strong as the others. There's a part when she's reflecting on Tegan's situation and she wonders why Tegan hadn't fought the Wolves until she died rather than being raped, and I'm sitting there like, "From what I know of you, you'd have thought she was dumb as rocks for going up against 20 dudes, knowing she can't win! Survival is what you're all about!" And then it took the cake when Deuce began to admire Stalker. She said more than once that being strong means taking care of the weak (it was in her job description as a Huntress!) and then she respects this guy who rapes countless defenseless girls and intends to hunt Fade for sport. If Deuce hadn't acknowledged that there are different types of strength later on, she'd have been in a bad place with me.

But really, Stalker being inducted into the party and the whole treatment of Tegan's situation knocked this book down a whole star for me. There better not be a love triangle in Outpost, for real.

Steph Sinclair I completely agree with you!!! Tegan's situation annoyed me to no end. She was raped and had babies by these boys and she somehow still had the strength to go on. If that isn't strength, I don't know what is! It killed me that as a female Duece couldn't even sympathize with her. Duece basically told Tegan to get over it (view spoiler). And I don't even think he ever apologized to her. He felt justified to the very end! I wanted to rip my hair out. I really dont want a love triangle. I will be highly agitated if that happens.

Ugh, the more I think about this, the more I want to knock off a star. Lol.

Amanda You're right, he never apologized. He just started to see her as a human being at the end. And I guess we're supposed to be happy that he's skimmed the surface of human decency? Not happening.

I know what you mean. I went back and forth between 3 and 4 stars like half a dozen times. haha.

message 7: by Maru (new) - added it

Maru Great review, sounds like an interesting book!! If you tell me there's no love triangle (or possibility of one) in it, then it'll go straight to the top of my to-read! :) (i just have no more patience for love triangles)

Steph Sinclair Maru wrote: "Great review, sounds like an interesting book!! If you tell me there's no love triangle (or possibility of one) in it, then it'll go straight to the top of my to-read! :) (i just have no more pati..."

Ugh, I'm sorry to say that it does look like there is a love triangle brewing in this series. Deuce doesn't end up with anyone at the end of this book, but there are clearly two romantic interests.

message 9: by Maru (new) - added it

Maru Oh no! *tears* Why do all the books have to go down that road? I'm trying to steer away from books with love triangles and it seems I have very few YA books to read now. Clearly authors just don't want me to read their books or something haha.

Well... I guess I can consider reading it still. Is the MC in this book at least strong and somewhat sure of what she wants or is she your typical "oh no, two both like me, I'm gonna lead them both on cause I don't know what to do?"

Ahh, decisions!

Steph Sinclair Hahaha. Apparently, love triangles are really "in."

As for the MC, I'm trying to remember, but I think she only realizes that one guy likes her.

I should warn you, though. There is a disturbing issue raised in the book where one character is raped and pretty much told to "get over it and move on." That was not handled well at all. You should check out Lucy's review of it because she goes into more detail about it.

message 11: by Maru (new) - added it

Maru Eeesh, thanks! I'll definitely do that.

message 12: by Carrina (new) - added it

Carrina And you just convinced me to read this. Going to download a sample this book right now. Adventure, a strong main character and chaos coming right up!

message 13: by blue (new) - rated it 4 stars

blue Yes, yes, yes, I love this book so much.

Carter Oh my god ~_~ these were the "only" issues I had too... I loved this books slime no other, and I even liked when (finally) Duece grew to learn how strong Teagan is, but.... Can't someone just kill Stalker already?

Amanda That's why I never bothered with the sequels, Carter... I really have no idea if he ended up dying, but that would have been the only redemption for me...

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