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Apr 11, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: romance, supernatural, this-heroine-was-awesome
Recommended for: fans of this series
Read 2 times. Last read January 20, 2012.


July 3rd 2013: After reading the book again, I have decided to bump up the rating to 5 stars, since I did enjoy the book a lot this second time around. This time, since I basically knew what to expect, I wasn't bothered by the "forced seduction", and I was able to focus on the plot a lot better. This is possibly the best book Cole has written so far, with the exception of the Talisman Hie book (featuring Kaderin the Cold-Hearted) whose title I can't remember at the moment, at least when it comes to exciting plot and fascinating characters.
JANUARY 22nd 2012: I finished the book yesterday, but needed some time to gather my thoughts before writing this review.

Lothaire is Cole's best book in a while. After the previous few disappointments, my expectations were not high for this one, and I was willing to write this series off completely. But lo and behold, Cole still has it in her. Maybe she just tried harder for her first hardback release, who knows.
White queen versus black king. He recalled his last encounter with the soothsayer, on that prison island. He’d told her, “Until our next match.” But she’d answered, “There won’t be a next match, vampire.”

What did she mean?
Lothaire was always one of my favorite characters in this series, particularly because he was so calculated and ruthless, like an anti-Nïx. These qualities make for a great character, a great villain, but not so much a great hero. To make Lothaire more romance-hero-like, KC would have had to give him a personality transplant.
No one worked harder than he did on his seven little tasks: find the ring, dispose of the human’s soul, turn Saroya into a vampire, kill La Dorada, claim the Horde crown, find Serghei to burn him alive, conquer the Daci.

However, and fortunately, she refrained from that, so we have a believable and at times painful progression of Lothaire, from a jackhole to being worthy (or at least more worthy of his girl than he used to be). Also, I loved the glimpses KC gave us of the relationship between Nïx and Lothaire, because I was really wondering about that. Let's just say I can't wait for Nïx's book.

Elizabeth 'Ellie' Pierce. Her character made the book for me, I think. She was so brave, irreverent and smart, especially when you think about the crappy situations in which she found herself. She was only in her twenties, and she could hold her own against a millennia-old evil vampire and a bitch killer goddess. That takes guts, y'all.
Maybe if she got him to claim her totally, she could drive a wedge between him and Saroya.

Or maybe Ellie should just give him the blowjob he’d wanted. She remembered the wise words of her cousin Sadie, the mountainside’s resident slut: “If you want to communicate an idea to a man’s brain, you talk to him through his pecker. It’s like an ear horn, y’all.”

Musing on Lothaire’s seduction had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Ellie still craved him like crack.

Like I said, Ellie can not only talk the talk, but she walks the walk. When push came to shove, she stood up for herself and earned my respect. There were several instances where she left me saying Oh no she di'int! like the over-the-top "heart" incident close to the end of the book. Maybe I'm weird, but I found Ellie's reply hilarious.

To sum up her character: Ellie has a spine, and a brain of her own. She says to Lothaire at one point: “I’m not the type of woman who’ll let a man treat her like trash, then get him off whenever he likes. You’ve done nothing to deserve being with me.” And she is right! All other romance heroines, take note.

Which brings us to the least palatable part of the book: the sex scenes. They are numerous, and some are kinda fun, but many are also icky. Icky, not because KC can't write (she can and she does!), but since there is some "forceful seduction" going on, and I don't like that. That just grosses me out. On the other hand, these scenes work really well to show what a tool Lothaire can be.

The ending was a setup for the next book, I believe. And now I can't wait.

Basically, while I can't give this book five stars with a clear conscience, I 'll say that it's a good addition to the series, and a hit for Cole, after several misses.

JANUARY 12th: I'm so pathetic, I couldn't help myself. Yes, I bought it from Amazon. BTW, the hardback is ~$15, and the ebook is whooping $11!!! Seriously, publishers?! WTF!

Ok, the book is on its way to me. My hopes are high after reading more than one positive review. Fingers crossed...

COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO: I doubt Nix is the heroine, Cole wouldn't want to kill two birds with one stone. Why put two of the most interesting and evenly matched characters together, when you don't have to?

I'll still read it, but it better be, well, better than the last few efforts.
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message 1: by Jessica (new) - added it

Jessica I agree, especially with how they treated the other in the latest book. I was more focused on the story, but it seemed to me his mate may be Furie, who Ms. Cole hasn't mentioned in the more recent books but suddenly mentioned in the latest.

message 2: by Corrie (new) - added it

Corrie Its not nix, read book 3 and 1 again, you should already know his mate. I believe Furie will be the one to kill him...and it will end the accession this 500 years around.

Mara I just saw your comments. :) Cole said in some interviews that Furie's mate will be Kristoff, and that theirs will be the last book, since it would be the climax of the Ascension. It was speculated that Lothaire's heroine might be one of Rydstrom's sisters, which was why he helped Rydstrom and Sabine... But I don't know. Maybe it'll be someone new, someone Cole never mentioned. I have to admit I'm curious.

Ruby I don't entirely agree with the hitting two birds with one stone theory, but only because that argument was used against the likelihood of Hawke and Sienna (Nalini Singh) being each other's HEA. Sometimes the coming together of two existing characters adds to the tension. That said, I don't really think Nix is Lothaire's heroine, though I admit to holding out hope that KC is pulling the wool over our eyes.

Mara Hawke and Sienna... I sort of dread reading that one because I don't like such an imbalance of power. But at the same time, I'm open to being convinced by Singh. :) I wonder when they'll give us the blurb for this one, probably in a few months. I know that many people (myself included) are holding out hope, so you're not alone there. :)

Ruby No, no, it's awesome. Really.

Courtney In an interview she says "Lothaire's heroine is EVIL. Even gives Lothaire pause."

Magda Well, it's not Nix. Book description has been added.

Nisha Im sorta sad it isnt Nix. It would have been so very interesting to see Nix and Lothaire together. And based on all the reviews I have read about Kiss of Snow, I dont think there is anything to worry. People said she really outdid herself with this novel- maybe because its her first hardback. I cant wait to read KOS.

message 10: by Tina (new) - added it

Tina Lee i wanted it to be Nix, but oh well that can be another book, lol, i cant wait for this one!!! and he is SMOKIN!!!!!!!!!!

message 11: by Patient (new) - added it

Patient I think the heroine in the book is someone new, one we haven't heard before. If u read the Regin book, she will be mentioned, and u will see.

message 12: by Erin (new) - rated it 5 stars

Erin Is Ellie a skilled lover?? aka is she a virgin and has she given blow jobs to people- :P curious :P

message 13: by Mara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mara This is obviously a spoiler-y reply: Ellie was a virgin due to her circumstances (view spoiler). I don't think she was that skilled in the beginning, but she wasn't ignorant, either. She knows what she wants and how to get it. ;)

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