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Suspicion by Kate Brian
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Apr 10, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: chick-lit, murder-mystery, mystery, young-adult, whodunnit
Read from April 10 to 11, 2011

** spoiler alert ** If you thought Paradise Lost was taking the story in a different direction, your brain may just explode while reading Suspicion. Two words: deserted island!

Paradise Lost ended with Reed being pushed off the boat, and after 3 hours she's rescued by Sawyer and co. Few people believe Reed was actually pushed, with the island police completely mocking her story. Kiran then decides to throw a party in Sawyer's honour on a little island off the coast of St. Barths. Upton & Reed decide to get their sexytime on, so Upton heads back to St. Barths to get everything ready, and Reed takes a boat trip back to the mainland alone. Instead, the captain and his evil buddy bind and gag her, and leave her on a deserted isle to die. Reed is rescued after a week, only to have Mrs. Ryan try and finish the job. Oh, and Billings is being demolished. Fun stuff!

Suspicion has a really different tone to the other Private books, because it's basically a deserted island survival story! To someone who's never read the series, I'd describe Suspicion as a cross between a Gary Paulsen novel and Gossip Girl. Except instead of rising to the occasion like the protagonists in Paulsen's books, Reed flails about the island and barely manages to survive her 7 days. There's no discovering a nest of turtle eggs and surviving on the yolk, it's just her being incredibly sunburnt, weepy and whinging about how she can't find any food.

It's probably quite a realistic portrayal of how some teenage girls would react, but I expected more from Reed! She's been so strong in the previous books, so it was a little disappointing to see her deteriorate in such a way. That being said, I did like that she finally found a bit of strength and fought back against her attackers when they returned to finish the job. I liked that the author hadn't randomly included a pointless fact about the poisonous Machineel apples, and that they went on to play a crucial role in the story. And I liked that her attackers weren't random attackers at all, they were the policemen who'd so viciously mocked her earlier.

I like how the author wrapped up the evil plot, and Reed's stalkers and murderers are actually starting to make sense. I thought Ariana was such a random choice for the killer in Confessions, and since then I've become quite nervous every time the author makes a big reveal about a stalker/murderer's identity. I worry that it's going to be another person who makes no sense, whose motivations are barely there. Thankfully that wasn't the case with Suspicion, and Mrs. Ryan's seemingly irrational and unfounded hatred for Reed were finally explained. And not gonna lie, I kind of wanted to vomit when I found out Upton lost his virginity to Mrs. Ryan, making her a pedophile D:

Speaking of Upton, I find him quite dumb, naive and annoying. He'd defend his friends without a second thought, making Reed feel like an idiot in the process. Then those people would turn out to be attempted murderers or gigantic bitches, and he'd be like 'oops I'm sorry Reed, forgive me? :3' and she would. Like Reed said, he's a really bad judge of character. I'm just glad that she didn't commit to the long-distance relationship, and am hoping she gets with Sawyer at Easton. She deserves someone who isn't emotionally retarded for once.

And while we're on the topic of Easton, I'm so excited to find out what the fuck is going on with Billings! The girls just got their house back, and now it's being demolished. Is the author just going to explain it away as refurbishing? Are the girls being separated for their own good? It's not the dormitory that's the problem, it's the personalities inside it!

Overall: If you liked how the story transformed in Paradise Lost, you'll love Suspicion. Hell, if you like Gary Paulsen novels or in-the-wild survival stories, you'll love Suspicion! I think it was such a random change of scenery and storyline, but I think it totally worked. We got to see Reed slowly deteriorating, placed in a truly hopeless situation. We get a killer who actually makes sense, and an exotic showdown that doesn't involve some bratty psycho teenage girl with a gun/knife. And then we snap back to reality and are reminded that even though the girls have spent the past week or so in this exotic, dangerous location, the drama of Easton still remains.

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