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Fate by Amanda Hocking
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Apr 10, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** I enjoyed this book a bit more than the first in the series, and I'm sort of happy with the ending. The main complaints I have are the same as with her other books - grammar and inaccuracies, and also overuse of certain words/phrases. I won't even touch the Twilight/Vampire Academy similarities.

The grammar and spelling were BIG issues in this book, much more than in her others. I felt like I was constantly seeing "is" instead of "as," "did" instead of "didn't," etc. It was almost like she was typing on a cell phone and the autocorrect wasn't correcting quite right. Simple proofreading would've fixed this problem easily. Also, unless I'm mistaken, she refers to the song Peter sings in his book as "Ava Maria," when in fact the name of the song is "Ave Maria." In addition, her constant use of "come with" is making me absolutely HATE that phrase. I never really liked it to begin with, but her use of it makes it seems as though she's trying to be trendy and in touch with the teenage persona, which is fine and all except NONE of the vampires in the book (except Milo) are teenagers. She regularly used it multiple times within one sentence or on one page ("I'm coming with." "Why are you coming with? You don't have to come with." "Because I want to." "OK, Alice is coming with.") <----This isn't an actual quote, but more or less paints the picture.

Her constant use of "wanna," "cause" (instead of because), and "gonna" also began to wear on me. I realize that this is how we as human beings speak. It is what it is, there's no real way around it. However, I can't stand seeing it in print. Here and there, fine, but multiple times in one sentence multiple times on one page is way too much. Again, it felt as though she was going for that trendy this-is-how-kids-speak vibe, but I feel she just went a bit too far with it.

I feel Hocking has a lot of great talent and is a great storyteller, but it almost seems like she's in too much of a rush to get her books out there and she forgets one of the most basic principles of publishing anything, which is proofreading. I'm curious to see how she responds to all the re-writes she'll likely have to do now that she's part of a publishing house that won't publish her books as-is.

I've gotten off track here. Basically, the book itself, aside from the errors, was good/great. I like where it looks like the story is going, so I'll certainly continue reading. However, I found it absolutely out there that Milo ended up turning into a vampire because of some freak accident, but I guess that's certainly one way to do away with Alice's reasoning for not turning. I'm happy that Alice is turned at the end of the book, but the way it all unfolded seemed a bit bizarre. I get that Peter and Jack planned to fight to the death or whatever, but it kind of seemed like Peter was accepting that he'd lost Alice to Jack and was going to leave her alone when Jack walked in and attacked him. The fact that Jack basically told Alice, "You need to turn now" was kind of weird, and the fact that he more or less forced his blood on her when she tried to say no was even weirder. But, it was what she wanted from the beginning and it turns out to be a pretty good way of doing away with the fight between Peter and Jack, so I guess it all worked out. Overall, I'd recommend this book if you've read the first in the series. I'm certainly interested to see how the series ends, so I'm looking forward to starting on the third installment.


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