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My Jane Austen Summer by Cindy  Jones
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Apr 10, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: adult, not-clean
Read in April, 2011

I'll admit I haven't read any of Jane Austen's books. I've tried at least 3 times to read Pride and Prejudice, but I don't think I ever made it halfway through. I adore most of the movies and Jane Austen spin-off books. I've saw the movie, Mansfield Park, and I didn't love it. I assume from watching the movie that it would be my least favorite book of the 6. I DO want to read them, and am determined to do so one day!
My Jane Austen Summer revolves around the book Mansfield Park. IF I had read the book, I might possibly have enjoyed this one more. I don't know. But, I didn't like this one at all. I hate to say this, because it is a debut novel, and more than any other books, I really want to like a debut novel. Unfortunately, though, that wasn't the case with this one.
I didn't like the main character. I didn't connect with her, or really sympathize with her, and I should have!! Throughout the book, though, there's mention of how most people either love or hate Fanny Price. Maybe that was suppose to be the case with Lily? I don't think Fanny put herself in the positions that Lily did, or seemed to have mental problems like Lily, either. Don't get me wrong, if I was going through some of the things Lily did, I'd have problems, too. BUT, she was portrayed as stalker-like, needy, nosy, and desperate for love. I guess I like my heroines to be a bit stronger. I'm not convinced she was really changed at the end...if I can call it an anding. Of all the characters, Omar is the only one that I half-way liked.
I just had a really hard time getting into the book. If I hadn't commited to reviewing it, I probably wouldn't have finished it.
But again, keep in mind that I haven't read Mansfield Park or I may have liked My Jane Austen Summer. It's actually gotten great reviews from lots of others.

Was it clean??
It very easily could have been, but NO, it is not a clean read. Pretty much all of the "minor" words of profanity are used, along with the "f" word 3 times. There's also a couple of "sex" scenes. One you have to pretty much read between the lines to know it's a sex scene and the other was just so weird, I didn't know what to think about it. There's also mention of alcohol a few times.

*I was provided an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.


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