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The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
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really liked it

Richard Dawkins point of view (RD)

RD: Children should not be brainwashed by parents into a religion. There is no such thing as a Christian child. Children cannot make the conscious decision for themselves: much like they don't understand politics.

So should we raise kids into a religion... probably not he's got a good point.

You can't prove that a teacup doesn't orbit the earth, but it is still highly improbable
AKA you can't say God is 50/50 because you can't disprove him.

RD You can't say that God is real because our world screams of a designer because who created God? and so on on a so forth. ( I might need to reread this section to get a better understanding of Dawkins argument)

I think I can counter this argument because God sees all of time as now. Maybe our view is skewed because we have the concept of time. God might not have the concept of time therefore he could be always existing.

RD Darwin revolutionized our view of science because a pot can make a Potter. A book can make an author. it doesn't take a more intelligent thing to make something lesser. we could have created ourselves without something more intelligent than ourselves. On another note, Dawkins claims that prayer doesn't work. He cites a scientific study.

The whole Bible sounds like a myth. Think about it. A boy is born to a virgin. This boy heals all of the townspeople and dies and comes back to life.

RD: The justification for the Darwinian existance of religion that religion makes the mind happy is not a good Darwinian reason for the occurrence of religion. RD believes it may be a byproduct of childhood education. When parents raise a child, the child is in complete obedience and believes everything because the adult is of higher authority and their advice makes the child experience less pain and failure. That is how RD believes that religion has beat natural selection.

The anthropic principle. The idea of evolution does not prove God although life was highly improbable that does not mean that God put life on Earth by Design. There are billions of planets in our galaxy and there are billions of galaxies. It is almost probable that life would have started just because of statistics.

Would you switch the track on a trolley train to kill one person or let the train continued on and kill five people? Dawkins claims that morals are a part of Darwinism. Duncan believes that morals are inherently a part of humanity. Christian's love science whatever it is in their favor and hate it when it's against them.
If we actually needed God for morals then that only makes the make believe God more desirable. This does not make God any more real. It just means natural selection supports that you should believe in God to live longer and reproduce more.

White men came to an island and the entire island started putting them on the level of God

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