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Thorn Queen by Richelle Mead
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Apr 09, 2011

it was amazing
Read on January 16, 2012

** spoiler alert ** First Read: April 21, 2011 / Rereading: January 16, 2012

Thorn Queen is book two in the Dark Swan Series by Richelle Mead.
This series is about Eugenie Markham, a strong, powerful shaman and the Thorn Queen of the Otherworld Thorn Lands. Eugenie, Odile Dark Swan, is the daughter of the legendary Storm King and according to the Otherworld Prophecy, she will be the mother to the next ruler of the mortal world. The Dark Swan Series is an incredible HOT story and is expertly written with humour, romance, and action.
In this story, Eugenie is struggling with her feelings for Dorian and Kiyo. She’s torn between her two worlds; the mortal world and the Otherworld. She wants to learn to use and control her magic but is afraid of turning into her father. She wants to protect the people of the Thorn Lands but she’s afraid of betraying her human side.

Kiyo has moved in with Eugenie but is spending most of his time with Maewinn, the mother of his unborn child. When he’s with Eugenie, it’s about getting off before returning to Maewinn. Eugenie loves Kiyo, but he’s trying to control her use of magic and decisions in the Otherworld. His animalist lovemaking is intense, but it’s all about his end result rather than sharing in pleasure. Eugenie and Dorian are friends, but she finds herself comparing her one night of passion with Dorian to Kiyo. Dorian truly understands her and doesn’t try to change her or manipulate her decisions. Eugenie attends an otherworld baby shower at Maewinn’s castle. Kiyo is proudly standing beside Maewinn, as father-to-be, but Eugenie find herself jealous over Dorian’s consort rather than the bond between Kiyo and Maewinn. Shaya informs her that Dorian went weeks without a consort, a record for the seductively sexy King. Now, his partners all resemble Eugenie with fair skin and red hair. Eugenie finds this brings her comfort, although she’s still jealous of Yzabel.

When Eugenie discovers that her people are dehydrated and starving from the dry lands, she seeks out water and teaches them to thrive in the conditions. She learns that young women in her lands are being kidnapped and promises to find those responsible. Once seen as a Queen to be feared, she’s now their be feared. Eugenie and her guard confront a group of drifters who are harassing and stealing from her people. They capture two, but are attacked by fire demons. The fire demons are too strong for Eugenie to banish and they return home to develop a plan. After interrogating the prisoners they learn the drifters are not related to the missing woman but narrow down the location of their kidnapping. As punishment for harassment and theft, the drifters are put on work duty to help restore the villages in the Thorn Lands.

When Kiyo’s daughter is born, he doesn’t contact Eugenie to share the news but instead sends his regrets that he’ll be unable to meet her. She hears of the birth through the royal rumour mill. Dorian arrives to support her; no manipulation, just a shoulder to cry on. Eugenie meets Kiyo’s daughter, who interprets her unhappiness for jealousy of Maewinn. Again, Kiyo doesn’t try to understand her feelings. Eugenie returns home on her own, stopping in one of her villages to check on the progress the copper deposits. She speaks with Prince Leath, who’s assisting with the development of the irrigation system and the local mayor. While there, she finds King Dorian has spent the day in the sun, using his magic to labour the lands. The beautiful King is covered in sweat and exhausted, but pushing forward and putting up a front of ease. In private, she forces him to rehydrate and demands to know his intensions on her lands. She words are harsh, but her heart is warm with gratitude. She realizes that she’s been fighting her feelings for Dorian since the moment they met. She loves Dorian. She loves this man who understands her, but does she still love Kiyo? Could she love both men at the same time? In one moment they’re arguing and the next their bodies are wrapped around each other and Dorian is stroking her body to orgasm. Moments away from penetration, and cheating on her boyfriend, they’re interrupted with news that a kidnapped girl has returned. The girl is traumatized by her captors, her shaman human captors, and is unable to give any further details. Eugenie believes she knows the shaman taking the girls but doesn’t know how to stop him. She contacts Rowan for guidance, but Rowlan only dismisses the accusations.
Eugenie returns to her castle, where she’s discovered the capture of her half-sister, Jasmine. Jasmine assigns her spirit minion to watch over Jasmine, both to protect her people and ensure she doesn’t trigger the prophecy with an heir. Eugenie offers Jasmine a room in the castle, rather than the dungeon, if she agrees to help vanquish the fire demons by conjuring water demons. With a gun to her head, she agrees. Kiyo is disgusted with Eugenie’s actions, accusing her of cruel behaviour towards her sister.

Eugenie presents Dorian with a gift; a sword with a copper hilt and iron blade that he can control with his earth element. Kiyo is bothered by the gift, but Eugenie explains that the sword is a thank you gift for his help on her lands. Dorian and Kiyo go into battle against the fire demons, with Eugenie, Jasmine, and their guards. With their help, the water demons beat the fire demons but Jasmine is too weak to control them and they’re attacked. Eugenie connects her magic with Jasmine and they banish the last demon. Jasmine collapses and Kiyo rushes her to a healer. Eugenie sees a spy and investigates with two of her guard. She is captured and wakes up in a mortal dungeon.

Leith is working with two shaman to capture fairy girls to sell as sex slaves. The ones not sold are used as prostitutes in the dungeon/brothel. For the kidnapping of the girls, Leith receives human technology and the use of the girls. Eugenie was captured for Leith’s personal use; to rape and impregnate before returning to the Otherworld with her as his bride. After a week of daily rapes, she convinces the slaves to replace the drug with another herb. Just when she’s about to lose hope, the drug is switched and she’s able to regain her strength and magic. She calls Velusion who attempts to kill her. She regains control of him and orders him to send word to Dorian. She uses one of the girls as a distraction as she breaks into the garage to find a weapon. She takes out her captors, but is shot in the shoulder. Leith returns for his daily rape, and is shocked to find Eugenie holding a gun to him. Dorian, Kiyo, and Roland arrive. Kiyo stops her from killing Leith, claiming his death isn’t worth the war it will cause. He claims the Prince should return to the Otherworld, knowing a royal would not be punished. A furious Eugenie claims that he must die for raping the Queen and enslaving her people. Kiyo stands against his punishment, just in time for Dorian to slice his blade through the prince. Dorian claims that Leith had to die for what he did to Eugenie and her people. Dorian will take responsibility and if necessary, will go to war against Katrice.
Eugenie returns to her mother’s home to heal. She refuses to see Kiyo and looks to her mother for emotional support. Her mother is a therapist, a victim of rape, and although she’s not happy about the connection to the otherworld, she understands. Rowlan is not as understanding and she returns to her home. When Kiyo tries to console her, she pushes him away. When he says she cannot return to the Otherworld and stop using he magic, she ends their relationship. She will no longer allow him to control her magic use or her connection to the Otherworld. He’s not there when she needs him and when she needed his support, it was Dorian who stepped up and killed Leith. Kiyo accused her of ending their relationship because of Dorian and moved out.
Eugenie later returned to the Otherworld to find her people gathering for war. She looks for another way to end the war, but the option is war or enslavement of her people and Dorian’s to Katrice and marriage to Katrice’s nephew. War it is.

Dorian approaches Eugenie, but gives her the personal space she needs. They talk about the impending battle and he assures her he will take of the battles while she rests. She takes his hand and slowly moves to kiss him. Dorian is shocked and gently pulls away, telling her he can wait for her. Eugenie wants Dorian to wipe away memories of Leith, to have the man she loves be the last man inside of her. Dorian understands immediately, gently and passionately making love to her. Together, they lead their people to war against Katrice.
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Kris i love this series. richelle mead does no wrong in my book

Angie (Mind Malfunction) Me too! I can't wait for the next in the series. I'm a huge fan. I recently started the succubus series and am loving it, too!

Kris the succubus series is up there in my absolute favs!! i never cried as hard as i did reading those books...she pulls major emotion outta me.

Angie (Mind Malfunction) I've only read the first two so far, and I'm loving them. I have to get caught up on my April challenges before I can read the rest of the series.

If you're crying that hard, than I'm guessing that things go south for Seth and Georgina. WAIT - Don't tell me. I'm holding onto hope that Carter finds away to change Georgina or Seth, so they can be together forever.

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