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Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche
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Apr 08, 2011

Read in March, 2011

After years of hearing about Nietzsche's contributions to western philosophical culture, and after reading countless texts that referenced, examined or quoted him, I finally decided to tackle one of his books in full. But now, having done so the only honest reaction that I can offer is "what the !@#$ did I just read." Call me a philistine, but I got nothing out of this book and it seems to me that the whirlwinds of hype surrounding Nietzsche could be a case of literary "emperors new clothes." The text itself was just a rambling stream of consciousness rant that I would expect from a sophomore philosophy major. It seemed to be page after page of words leading the reader nowhere. He frequently references or alludes to other works of world literature going all the way back to the ancient greeks, but that only proves that he was well-read not that he had anything worthwhile to say. Maybe I came in at the wrong time and if I started reading him at one of his earlier books I would have gotten a lot more out of it, but honestly, I'm not sure a gun to my head could convince me to read him again.
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message 1: by Susannah (new)

Susannah I love this review :)

Abram Well written good review, but I disagree I think it is a brilliant conversation with himself. He is arguing with himself.

Sinner A friend of mine recomended to me to read him slow. And I do. Just few pages at a time and slow. And think. And I do. After 30 pages in a month I can say, that thouse 30 gave me a lot of things to think about. I do not take it as 'book read' but as stories and lessons to be tought. And if You did not get him, this means You should not. Every one of us is different : ) I am happy I have something of those stories.

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