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Point of Origin by Amanda Havard
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Apr 08, 2011

really liked it
Read in June, 2012

In the first book we meet Sadie who has lived with the other survivors for 150 years (give or take) in their mountain compound. No one leaves, and they do not have any modern technology. Over the years she has snuck out to the closest town, reading any book she can get her hands on. She wants to be a part of the human world, and wants mortality for herself. She decides that it is time to leave when she hears one of the elders, John, plan to have her raped because she is not doing her duty in procreating. She travels the world and lives as a human for four years, until she meets the Winters. They are vampires, and she instantly falls for Everett, dumping her human boyfriend Cole. Anthony, Everett's father tells her of his vision, that 28 rogue survivors left after she did. They have turned into blood drinking monsters creating havoc wherever they go, and that they intend to return to Survivor City and start a war.

Sadie and the Winters agree to return to tell the other Survivors what is coming. She is not welcomed back, but hated for all she has done, and what she represents. She knows the elders are keeping secrets, and refuse to help her. She and the Winters set out again to discover any other survivors, or anyone who knows of survivors. Their plan is to learn how to kill one, so they are able to defeat the rogues. They discover their supposed ally Samantha Parker is actually working for Alexander Raven, gathering information. They find Raven who is spoken of during the Salem Witch trials, and he confesses that he is the oldest supernatural creature, and thinks of himself as a God. He also confirms that he creates families all over the world, only to return once their powers have evolved, stealing their powers and killing them in the process. His plan all along is to use the 28 rogue survivors to kill everyone in Survivor City. His reasoning is that it will be easier to take all of the powers the 28 have acquired instead of having to kill everyone of the other survivors. Narcisca and Valentin, another couple that traveled with Parker, also claiming to be allies, are in the last chapter talking with Raven. He tells them to find Sadie, and travel with her, which is what they did until they met the Raven and he killed Valentin. Sadie and Everett's relationship is toxic. He is moody, demanding, and controlling, but Sadie blames it all on the climate. Apparently being in colder weather makes them more blood thirsty. She goes back to Cole three times in this book, for good at the end. Once she sees what love has done to Narcisca at Valentin's death, she refuses to lose Everett that way. What confused me is that she is much more likely to lose Cole, a human than Everett. For future reference: The Winters consist of the father Anthony, mother Adelaide, their children Ginny, Everett, Mark, Patrick and his wife Madeline. Lizzie is one of the Elders that Sadie is closest to, raised in the same household. They have an argument towards the end because Lizzie refuses to tell Sadie what she knows.

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