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Mind Games by Teri Terry
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Mar 31, 2016

really liked it
bookshelves: 2016
Recommended for: People who can look past annoying protagonists and two dimensional characters

** spoiler alert ** 3.75 stars
So what is Mind Games, really?
Mind Games is about the cruelty and selfishness of humans, of sacrifice and betrayal, and of living in worlds we dream of every day of our lives.
The story follows our protagonist, Luna. Luna is a Refuser, meaning she refuses to get an Implant. Without the Implant, Luna is marginalised at school by those with Implants, Refusers don’t tend to speak to non-Refusers.
When Luna is selected for a Test, everyone thinks it must be a mistake. However, she passes the Test with flying colours, and is assigned to Think Tank on Inaccessible Island. Which sounds really creepy. Luna doesn’t want to leave her ill grandmother behind, and instead gets a transfer to London Uni. But after her grandmother dies in her sleep, the transfer is a no-go, and off to Inaccessible Island she goes.
But before they get there, the transport crashes, Gecko ‘kidnaps’ Luna. They kiss, (yay), and Luna is taken to ‘the Worms’. And Gecko is taken by PareCo.
And now I can’t really be bothered writing this review, so imma wrap this up.
Enter Tempo. Tempo is a bitch, the end. All you need to know about her.
I actually kinda liked Crystal before she died.
Putting brains in tanks is kinda creepy. (Kinda)
I really like Marina.
Hex is weird. I don’t like him.
I found it really weird that every time Luna referred to Goodwin as ‘Goodwin from school’. I mean, there’s only one Goodwin in the novel!
I felt like nothing really happened during the first half of this novel, but the ending felt really rushed.
In the way of character development, Luna was thoroughly annoying during the entire first half of the book, and then she got even more annoying, and then she got slightly better. She so kinda ended up back where she started. So no. There was no character development.
All of the side characters were so incredibly dull, and had no depth whatsoever, they were just kind of there. They definitely could have been written a lot better.
Astra was an extremely boring character. I was so excited to see her alive(ish), I thought, yes! We’re going to get to go deeper into her character, and learn about somebody other than Luna! No such luck. Astra didn’t really do a lot, in my opinion, and then she died. For real this time.
The writing style was good, but it definitely wasn’t memorable, or amazing and unique. It also could have done with another round of editing, I picked up on a couple of errors here and there.
I feel like the concept of this story was amazing, but the execution wasn’t done as well as it could have been. That being said, the novel wasn’t bad, and I did enjoy it.
Our young protagonist Luna had quite a number of things in common with Luna Lovegood, one of my personal favourites from the Harry Potter series. Of course, we know that this is intentional once we find out where her parents met. She’s known for being a Refuser, and this leads to almost everybody believing that she’s crazy. And, where in the Harry Potter novels, we learn that Luna’s mother liked to experiment, in this novel, Luna is one of her mother’s experiments. And, of course, they have the same name. We discover later that Virtual Harry Potter World is where Luna’s parents met.
I’ve been pointing out everything I didn’t like, allow me to point out some of the things I did like. I liked quite a few of the characters, I just wish they had all been given more depth. I also love the whole idea of the implants and PareCo the Evil, as I have come to call them.
I loved seeing mentions of Harry Potter in there, as anyone who has known me for at least five minutes knows that I love Harry Potter more than life itself.
I liked that Slated was one of the virtual worlds in this novel, but if the novels actually tie together, and Slated is a virtual world, does that mean that Slated isn’t real? It’s all just virtual? Or is it actually a real world?
This was an enjoyable fun read, once you look past the annoying protagonist, two dimensional side-characters and confusing-ness about whether the entire Slated trilogy that was your favourite two years ago ever actually happened.
I know I left out a lot, but this review is long, and I can’t be bothered writing any more.
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