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Posing as Ashley by Kimberly Joy Peters
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Apr 08, 2011

I choose to read this book because i read the back of it and it sounded good.
This book is realistic fiction.
The main characters name is ashley and she is always trying to please others she like has to be perfect she hates disopointing people and she loves animals she volunteers all her free time at an animal shelter. Ashley is a 16 year old girl who just got out of school for the summer. She was datting a boy named brandon for two years! He was guna go a way to a camp for the summer so instead of taking her on a date like they planed he ended up meeting her at the school and he broke up with her he said his mom read some of their emails and would feel better if they took a break and he said that he felt they should see other people. But ashley reassured him that they wernt taking a break if he wanted to see other people it would be permint. So later that night she goes to her dads house. Her parents are divorced shes just like her mom perfect and never exspresses her feelings her dad more calm and layed back. The night she goes to her dads he comes home and wants to take her to dinner and that night she finds out her dad is datting a new girl and she happens to be a ex model and now a modeling teacher and owns her own school, shes seen many pictures of ashely and is truely impressed and this she has the potential it takes to become a model . After she talks it through some more and runs it by her mom she decides to try the oppertunity . Her first event is a modeling convention which she only has two weeks to prepair for. When she gets there shes rooming with a girl named shalia who turns out to be very stuck up and coniving . But , she also meets a boy named justin who she keeps in touch with even after the convention . Her mom has breast cancer and she thought it was treated but now she finds out that she is going to have to do kemo treatments and this upsets ashely alot shes very worried about her mom but her friends at the animal selter make her feel better and her best friend caitlyn is there for her like always as well. After the convention ashely decided to sighn with a company and she gets a job modeling for a big departmaent store and when she gets there she realizes that the girl shalia is also hired you could tell shalia was shocked and jealous because she had way more expericance than ashely but ashely doersnt let that intimidate her but what does send her off is that they are making her wear fur she runs out and starts throughing up because she feels so disgusted nd her mom just so happens to show up and sees ashely nd then ashley decides to quit that job because she wasnt going to go agaist somthing she believed in nd even though she never likes disopointing p-eople she new she did . But her mom was way more understanding than she thought she would be she was actualy very proud of ashley, and her mom actualy started to loosen up .Her dads girlfriend was disopointed but she got over it . and justin went away for 6months for a modeling thing and brandon came back and they hung out and told eachother about there summer
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