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Haunting Desire by Erin Quinn
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Apr 07, 2011

really liked it
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Favorite Quote: “Whatever happens…I want it to happen with you.”

BLURB: Drawn into the cursed no-man’s land called Fennore, Shealy O’Leary finds herself facing the legendary dark entity, the Druid. And unless Shealy bends to his will, her father will surely die.

The fierce warrior Tiarnan was damned by the Druid to spend eternity in Fennore. His only hope is a beautiful, frightened woman from the future who holds what he needs to exact revenge.

Alone in this primitive, terrifying world, Shealy’s only hope to save herself and her father will be to trust in her own heart and the sacred power she has yet to unleash.

Shealy O’Leary’s life changed the night her family had a fatal car accident on the Island of Fennore and only she and her father survived. She has to undergo multiple surgeries due to the extent of her injuries which damages her self esteem. She and her father now live in America but she wants to go back to Ireland-the Island of Fennore- to visit her mother’s grave. Her father becomes agitated and forbids her to go. The ensuring argument results in a doorway opening in which Shealy pulls through a handsome warrior. When another doorway opens to admit an evil entity, the warrior turns and pulls Shealy back through the doorway and into his world. Shealy soon learns she is actually in the Book of Fennore and tries to adapt to being in a world filled with dangers she can’t even begin to phantom. Her only thoughts are survival and trying to find her father.

Tiarnan is a warrior from long past who was cursed into the Book of Fennore when he tried to destroy it (Haunting Warrior). Tiarnan carries the guilt of leading his clan into an war they could not win and bringing his brother into the Book of Fennore with him. He has existed in the book for an unknown amount of time and struggles to survive. When he sees Shealy in danger he pulls her through to his world not thinking. As he, his brother Liam, and Shealy race against time to get back to the strong hold, he is amazed by the depth of his feelings for someone he doesn’t even know. He knows this is the woman he has been waiting his whole life for and he feels she holds the key to defeating Cathan and escaping the book.

Erin Quinn writes another powerful entry into her world of magic, betrayal, and redemption set in the luscious Emerald Isle. An emotionally charged story filled with the mythesism of ancient Ireland; Ms Quinn transports us back to an enchanted time of clans and kings. I have always loved time travel stories and this one does not disappoint. We don’t get as much new information about the book and the circumstances surrounding it as we did in Haunted Warriors. This story focuses more on out protagonists and their journey.

As Shealy and Tiarnan are pulled into the battle over the possession of the Book we watch their love slowly but passionately come alive. Tiarnan is a true hero of times past. Strong, determined, and loyal, he fights all odds to keep Shealy by his side and safe. Shealy is courageous, brave, and very intelligent. She is willing to make difficult choices to save those she loves.

I enjoyed watching Tiarnan and Shealy’s love affair come alive against the unknown thye are facing. In here we see more physical passion then in Haunting Warrior. Tiarnan is quite the romantic and his words of love to Shealy pierce your heart. There were some trust issues that crop up but they are resolved in a satisfactory way.

The supporting cast of characters are a unique mix of strengths and weaknesses that add to the story’s over all appeal. We meet old friends and enemies from previous books and are given more in depth interaction with said characters. We are also left with some intriguing clues to the next story’s protagonists.

The plot is a delicious mixture of intrigue and suspense that left me flying through the pages to see the outcome. I really liked how she immersed and mixed the Book of Fennore and it’s powers with the characters in the story. Ms. Quinn has a lyrical prose to her writing that brings a sense of truth without the unbelievable aspect that sometimes occurs with time travel stories. The ending is a stunning climatic finish that leaves us with a hint of what is to come in her next book. I cannot wait to read her next one, Haunting Embrace, which is set to release October 2011.

Rating: B
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Eva (TXBookjunkie) Ooh. This sounded good. I haven't read any of her previous books. Have you?

(Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick I've read the first 2 and reviewed the 2nd one for smexybooks. It's a beautiful, haunting, lush pnr. Set in Ireland. I've been told this is the last one. :(

Eva (TXBookjunkie) I'd be interested to know if this can be read as a standalone. Looking forward to seeing your review.

Eva (TXBookjunkie) I saw in another GR review that there's a follow up to this book - Haunting Embrace.

(Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick I don't consider these stand alones. Even though each have a solvable main conflict, the arc is a bit convoluted and bleeds over heavily. Review will be up 3rd wk april.

Eva (TXBookjunkie) Thanks for the info!

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