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Portal by Imogen Rose
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Apr 07, 2011

This book's premise is intriguing but the book honestly had me utterly confused from the beginning to the end. I read the second book in the series (Equilibrium) in order to see if some of my questions were answered, but was still left questioning. Might need to pick up the third book to get the answers I need.

Arizona Darley wakes up in her mother's car on a rainy night. But when the car stops Arizona doesn't know where she is, nor does she know who the strange man is that comes to carry her little sister into the house. Then she glances in the mirror and doesn't recognize the blonde Barbie that stares back at her. What happened to the brown-haired, rough tomboy that played hockey and took no nonsense? Who was the man her sister referred to as dad? And how did she suddenly have an older brother named Harry? Arizona tries to quietly sort through waking up in a life she doesn't remember. But nothing checks out. She's a cheerleader, not on the hockey team. And why is she embarrassed in front of Kellan, her brother's best friend who seems to look upon her as his sister?


* I love the relationship Arizona has with Harry and Kellan. The way they protect her and are always looking out for her, embodies the way you'd want an older brother to be.
* The little sister is hilarious with all her high-handed ways.
* The author does a good job of making you feel the confusion you'd feel if you were a tomboy and woke up looking like a Barbie doll.
* I like that the main character is not a meek and timid girl letting the boys handle everything while she cowers in the corner. She stands up for herself and is full of character.
* As the summary would lead you to believe, I'm only left with a million more questions. It felt like the author was also not completely sure of how everything worked out in the story, which could explain why everything is a little jumbled and a story-line twist is introduced in the epilogue of the first book. Although by the end of the second book things began to make a little more sense.

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