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The Christ Conspiracy by D.M. Murdock
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Apr 07, 2011

it was ok
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I never believe popular consensus. There seems to be enough information in this book to get some mental gears rolling and hopefully getting people to ask more questions.

Some truths are hard to accept or rationalize but the attempt to understand the depth of reality should take precedence over popular teachings millennia old. The Bible may have been fictionalized or perhaps not. The Bible cannot be the soul source of investigation on this matter but it can be used as a cross reference. Whenever and wherever there are inconsistencies then there are inaccuracies and more investigation must be made with obviously more than one source of information.

God seems to like infinite numbers; an only son seems like an unlikely event. This is a heliocentric world and we are not the center of the universe. It's time to leave old school thinking behind, I believe in God but a far greater one than the one that has been pictured in any of the mainstream religions.

As far as this book is concerned, painful to read because she presents research data and historical records in a dry context. But still very interesting, makes me want to dig deeper. She's really on a mission to disprove Jesus as an actual living, breathing man that walked the Earth. I never believed Jesus was God's only son but I never thought to ever doubt his existence.

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message 1: by Rob (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rob Allen Pretty Good. The deeply imbedded world-view you have keeps this burning ember of,..."Should I really just believe it's all bullshit?" What if I go to Hell. Think deeper. Research more...Jesus NEVER walked the earth.

Maria Hey, I didnt reply sooner but I did enjoy your comment on my post. I like people who don't like to goof around with very serious subjects. I'm normally a very direct person but I was angling for diplomacy. There are amazing people out in the world with various faiths; I appreciate them and don't want to be a verbal brute because the information out there is revealing that their ideas are based on faulty preconceptions. Religion, like science, is forcing to redefine what our idea of truth is. Diplomacy is needed though or we are just a bunch of primative goons pushing an agenda. Bart Ehrman, the prolific author, doesn't agree with the ideas presented in this book, he presents some fascinating facts behind the new testament showing that all the apostelic writing was originally written by anonymous authors. How the church can continue to preach the word of God according to Luke, John, beyond my understanding. It's blatant fiction yet perpetuated.This is evil at its finest.
Ehrman and Acharya should debate each other on the pagan myth ideas, he's not convinced. Yet he has determined that he no longer is a devout Christian as there are enough scholarly facts to deter his former passionate Christ conciousness to a more objective perspective.

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