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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
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Apr 07, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in April, 2011

There’s an old saying that goes along the line of; escaping from the crocodile’s mouth only to find oneself in the lion’s mouth. I guess that was pretty much I how I would explain the situation Katniss had gotten herself into. As it turned out, well, what no one knew, District Thirteen did surive the faithful day, well, at least a fraction of it did survive. Only, they’re probably just as bad as Capitol. From the very first page, I find myself having a bad feeling that things can only go from bad to worst in no time. Still, the good news was, Katniss wasn’t fighting the battle alone, though she found herself roped in yet again another master plan which requires her to be another puppet, as always, Katniss have a plan. She just had to figure out what and how to do it and save everyone she cared about along the way; Peeta, Gale, Prim, her mother and her newly made friends.

Of course, just because Katniss have yet to notice her affection towards Peeta, that doesn’t mean the rest of us didn’t. I mean, there is one thing about worrying over a friend’s safety, but there’s another risking everything just to bring that friend home. I can honestly say that Katniss is the slowest and most irritatingly confused lead female in a book that I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. In a good way. She has too much conflict in her that I find myself wanting to rip my hair out. Peeta, his agenda was as clear as crystal. Everyone else might be blind and think he was against the rebellion – except for Gale who saw right through the facade, but, the only thing he was against was to sit around and watch the love of his life die. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and Peeta might just be heading towards it just for the one girl.

If you stand in Gale’s shoe, you know his desperation; you could see why he fought. If you look through Haymitch blurry vision due to his alcohol consumption you could see a broken man who had send too many to deaths and could never let go. If you allow yourself to take a peak into Prim’s mind, you would see she is as innocent as ever despite knowing what lies ahead, the secrets to keep, she keep most of all, her pure form. As for Finnick, he reminds me of a good person who acted in the worse possible manner to keep the one thing important to him safe. Finnick, the kind you would want to strangle because you’d think he had no self restrain, but he, he’s there to make you smile through the hardest times while suppressing his own grieve. There were too much to sacrifice and little to keep. They can’t have it all.

This is one last battle, the final stand, more people will die in the process and Katniss knew that it’s coming to an end. It wasn’t going to be pretty, but for some reason she still desperately hold on to everything that matter to her. It was her life line, something of which I could understand. Katniss is not tragic and I was right to say so from the very beginning. Despite her lack of confidence in many fields and how she believed that there are others better than her and so on, she struggle harder for survival of everything that she cared about more than anyone could ever lived up to.

There’s a love story starting at my face from the moment I read the first book, the love from a childhood friend and the love of a boy who was looking from afar protecting the girl he loved in every way he can. But, there is more. This is about the fight of survival, friendship, trust and family. Unlike most heroins, Katniss isn’t too eager to throw out her family or friend in favour of love. She became selfish and greedy when it came to that; she drew her strength from that which probably makes her deadly. If you can turn your biggest weakness as your drive, it will become an advantage and those who played the game won’t know what’s coming because no one ever looked closely at the enemy that they helped create.

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