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Bloq by Alan      Jones
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it was amazing

There's been a lot of buzz about this book on my FB book club so, when the shout went out for early reviewers, I was there like a shot. Normally I don't follow the herd with respect to "hyped" books but these are people I know and trust so I was pretty sure I'd be safe with this one!
Luckily, when the book appeared on my Kindle, I was "between books" so I abandoned my well worked out TBR schedule and started it straight away. I didn't need to worry about the delay to my TBR because I read this book start to finish in less than a day so hard it gripped me and so quickly engrossed I became in the story and characters.
The story begins with a father, Bill, meeting his daughter, Carol, from a train journey for a planned Christmas visit. A visit that, despite, limited recent correspondence between the two, had been arranged for nearly a month. She's not on that train. Nor does she answer her phone when Bill calls to check on her. When the third and last train before Christmas pulls in, also without her, he becomes so concerned that he drops everything and races down to London where she is now living to try and find her. Little does he realise that this course of action will take him to places he never thought he'd visit, put him in situations he never thought he'd ever be in, do things he never thought he'd ever do, and that all this would come at a cost he never dreamed of.
This was a very tightly plotted thriller. We follow the action both in the present day as Bill tries to find Carol and also in flashback as we learn more about Carol and the events building up to the situation Bill now finds himself in. As the book progresses, the timelines eventually converge as the truth is slowly uncovered. From then on, the book remains mostly linear but that doesn't mean that the action lets up. If anything, it ramps up several notches as, with the truth out, there are certain outcomes that should have been evident but in reality need more than just a nudge to become realised.
One thing that really impressed me about this book is the characterisation. All the characters are very well drawn and feel very real. And when I say all, I really do mean all. Even the bit part / one scene characters are properly fleshed out. I do love that attention to detail. This means that I was easily able to both emote with and relate to the majority of the players and that, for me, means for a much better all round reading experience.
Scene setting and description were both succinct in nature. In my opinion, there is not a single word wasted, nor is there anything lacking. Even the latter scenes fit the story perfectly because, when I wasn't desperately wanting Bill to adopt me, I was slowly falling a little bit in love with him myself! When this is coupled together with near perfect pacing, great characters and an intriguingly engrossing storyline, I am at a loss to find anything negative to say about this book...
Well, apart from the fact that I actually threw a small tantrum at the beginning of the end of the book. I so did NOT want to go there. But, after calming down, I have to admit that, yeah... that's the way it had to play out. Even if a part of me personally wanted a different ending, I have to concede that the author's ending is indeed the right one for the book.

This is the first book I have read by this author but, after finishing this amazing book, you can be pretty sure that it won't be the last.

I received a free ARC of this book from THE Book Club (TBConFB) in exchange for this, my honest review.
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