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Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin
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ah, emily giffin, my go-to chicklit writer of choice. perhaps i'm just getting amped up for the impending "something borrowed" movie premiere (which i will not see until it becomes available on netflix as 1. i have two children and 2. tim refuses to see romantic comedies with me in the theaters), perhaps i just wanted to read a book about adultery while i deal with post-birth crepepaperbelly and hormones. who knows?

1. one of the biggest complaints i have here is the format of the book. the dual narration would make sense if we were in both ladies' minds, but we're not. we're in first person tessa's head and then we get a slightly more omniscient third-person for valerie. now, oddly, i think that's supposed to make the reader emotionally connect to tessa, but it has the opposite effect. i like valerie more. much more. pity, that.
2. nick - i'm fascinated by the idea of watching the anatomy of a breakup, i really am. but nick never felt authentic. he was too...good. too forgivable. if i were tessa, i would have lorena bobbitted that shit (figuratively, i'm sure. i'm not much on blood)...but at the end, i would have been upset if he didn't get back together with one of the women (and having children of my own now, even though i liked valerie better, i was rooting for tessa. but maybe because i felt they deserved each other more than anything else...)
3. tessa's "friends" - the april/romy storylines...not a huge fan. i get that there are wealthy people out there who behave like getting their kid into the "right" school is all there really is, but these characters felt mostly like empty distractions from the main storyline. no real redemption here as they were far too static for any compassion to get tossed their ways.
4. boston, boston you're my home - wellesley and boston are two entirely different things. and people who live in wellesley, don't have to shun the public school system because part of their ridiculous taxes goes toward excellent education for the youngsters there. please know the places you're writing about a bit better before you espouse your generalizations of them. k, thanks.

1. easily digested - this is increasingly important to me as i strive to read a book while the baby naps
2. interesting concept, if imperfectly executed - i really think we would have benefitted from a third narrator (nick) and more consistent first person narration throughout, but whatevs. i don't think this book sheds any new or particularly philosophical insight into cheating, but it was an interesting angle regardless.
3. dex! - just a shoutout =o)

3 stars for an enjoyable afternoon nap for regan and an enjoyable quick read for me.

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