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Crossroads of Twilight by Robert Jordan
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Feb 20, 2008

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Read in June, 2003

** spoiler alert ** My summary:

Tenth book in the wheel of time series (and last published at this date), it begins with Mat continuing to travel away from Ebou Dar with Luca's traveling show. He continues to get closer to Tuon (the daughter of the nine moons) who he knows he will marry. The keep hiding from the Seanchan and head towards Lugard. Renna, one of the Seanchan with them who trains 'adam tries to escape and Mat must have her killed. Dobraine, the lord Rand put in charge of Cairhen is almost murdered, although an Aes Sedai manages to heal him. Rand continues to recuperate after cleansing the male half of the source from the Dark One's taint, and Cadsuane begins to take on her role as his advisor. He meets with Logain and Bashere about the dangers from the Forsaken, the Seanchan, and from Mazraim Taim and the Black Tower. He decides the only way he can manage his other enemies is to make a truce with the Seanchan so he doesn't have to fight them at the same time as the others. Logain tells him about bonding Aes Sedai and Rand tells him to stop doing it. Elayne continues struggling to take over Camelyn and the Lion Throne. She finds out she is going to have twins. She gains the support of a few more houses so she has one rival still for the throne. The Sea Folk have to leave to choose a new mistress of the ships so they make a deal with Elayne about leaving some of them in Camelyn to weave gateways so Camelyn can still get food even though it's under siege. Elayne agrees to send Aes Sedai with them for continued lessons for the Sea Folk who can channel. Perrin keeps searching for Faile. He finds the Aiel camp and figures out that Sevanna has him vastly outnumbered. Faile continues to try and escape from the inside. Perrin visits a town haunted by spirits in order to buy grain for his people. Masema keeps killing some of his men and doing things to keep them from going towards Rand. Egwene is camped outside of Tar Valon with her army, but they can't stop trade coming into the city from the river so they are not sieging Tar Valon very well. A couple of Aes Sedai are killed by saidin so they know a man channeling is behind it. Egwene continues to struggle with the sitters of the hall, but they finally agree that they must make a deal with the Black Tower in order to deal with all of the men channeling. They are still deciding who to send for the embassy when Egwene goes to Tar Valon to turn the chain blocking the river into cuendillar when she is captured by Aes Sedai from Tar Valon. Before this, in the tower, Alviarhin is no longer able to control Elaida because she loses her blackmail leverage. Elaida threatens to prove she is Black Ajah so she calls Mesaana and asks what to do. Mesaana is about to punish her when the tall Mydraal appears and punishes Mesaana and tells Alviarhin to continue her work inside the tower. The search for Black Ajah continues in the tower by the Aes Sedai forcing everyone to use the oath rod to make sure they are not Black. Rand is still unable to hold saidin without getting sick and dizzy, despite having cleaned the source.

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