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Making Over Mike by Lisa Plumley
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Apr 05, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: romance, dnf

** spoiler alert ** Writers are told to write what they know. If they don't know their subject they're supposed to do research. Ms. Plumley needs to learn how to do research.

Quite obviously, neither Ms. Plumley nor her agent nor any editor who touched this book has ever come within fifty feet of a pool table. I actually did a double take then stopped and read it again when, on page 64, the hero identifies the six ball as blue and white. Uh, no. The six ball is green. Always. Okay, so it has a white circle with the number in it but then so do all the balls. The two ball is blue. The ten ball is white with a blue stripe. This is a fact so basic, so easily checked, that I can't imagine how it got into a published book.

It gets worse.

"...he aimed his shot three inches to the left of the cue ball..." (page 68) What is Ms Plumley talking about? You aim your stick at the cue ball. You hit the cue ball so it hits the object ball. So what exactly is he aiming that's left of the cue ball?

I'm not done.

If anyone thinks a group of guys can move a pool table under a traveling cue or object ball so that an object ball goes into a pocket (laughably implausible) without that being noticed by anyone within twenty feet who's not comatose is living in a world where the physical laws don't even resemble the world I live in. I stopped reading here on page 70.
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