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The Thorn of Emberlain by Scott Lynch
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Maybe not in 2019, but....SOON. Mr. Lynch has announced it is DONE and going to editing. My skin is clearing and my crops are flourishing...

See an ACTUAL picture here.


New, new update: Book Depository is listing a release date in September 2019. Dare we hope that this could be true, and not a fluke of book selling sites, as previous release dates have been? Dare we? *wheeze*


New update: This book will not be available in September. As of now, there is no release date available. You can check out Mr. Lynch's post on the issues extending the wait for this book here.

*goes quietly into a corner to sob*


Update: The Thorn of Emberlain WILL come out September 2016. Scott Lynch has confirmed it himself here.

I'm so freaking excited I think I quit breathing.


Please Please please don't let this get pushed back again. I wants it. I NEEDS it.
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message 1: by Nina (new) - added it

Nina I pre-ordered this book a few months ago from Amazon and got an email today saying the release date has been put back to 29th September.....Sorry to disappoint. Gutting news. :(

message 2: by Anne (new) - added it

Anne I had heard that Amazon just makes up these preorder dates, without any input from author or publisher. I'm guessing the September date may be more of the same. :-(

Mr. Lynch is very active on social media, and HE hasn't announced a pub date yet.

message 3: by Nina (new) - added it

Nina Let's hope so. I'd much rather read this in July than September. It's a small hope, but I'll take it. :)

message 4: by Anne (new) - added it

Anne Oh geez. I meant I doubt it'll even be out in September. I'm for sure the July date is a fake, unfortunately. I love these books so much! I just wish they'd all be ready NOW.....

Sorry I was confusing. But I don't want to give you false hope either.

message 5: by Greta (new) - added it

Greta Oh bummer! That is the first I heard of this. I was going to order it but will wait a while now.

message 6: by Anne (new) - added it

Anne I think it's basically fraud for Amazon to let you preorder a book with no pub date announced officially, but apparently they do it.

message 7: by Nina (new) - added it

Nina Aw man! :( Kinda wish I held off preordering for while now. Oh well.

message 8: by Fred (new)

Fred Perry My preorder for September was just cancelled by Amazon--n"This title is currently not availalbe for purchase.

message 9: by Anne (new) - added it

Anne I'm considering ordering mine from Amazon UK and just choking on the shipping so I can get it sooner. Idk what the heck is going on with the pub dates here in the US. The author announced it would be in September, so maybe it will actually happen. :/

She Who Reads Books On Amazons it now gives the publication date as March 2018... I'm really hoping they've just plucked a date from the ether, because I don't think I can wait that long, I'm just so excited about this book! (On the bright side the 10th anniversary Lies is out) :)

message 11: by Anne (new) - added it

Anne I know!! I preordered mine from Amazon UK and it arrives on Friday. I cant wait.

message 12: by Jannik (new) - added it

Jannik Hey Anne, your links to Lynch's explanation for the wait don't work anymore. Any chance you can tell me why the book wasn't released in 2016 and still isn't as of today?

message 13: by Anne (last edited Mar 19, 2019 07:16AM) (new) - added it

Anne Apparently Gollancz moved the blog post, but I've updated the link. As for why it hasn't been published yet, I couldn't possibly guess. There's been no news since March of last year, apart from book selling sites giving September 2019 release dates, and I don't trust those. Mr. Lynch has not said anything yet (and I check at least once a week LOL), but if I hear anything else I will post another update.

message 14: by Adina (new) - added it

Adina OMG, that is an excellent news. I was sure it he will never finish it. Glad I was wrong.

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