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Crippled America by Donald J. Trump
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Full disclosure: I am not a Trump supporter AT ALL. Far from it. The only reason I read this book was because I received a copy for free so I figured I would give it a shot. I really did try to go into it with an open mind. In every interview and every debate, Trump offers no plans or solutions to all the problems he is constantly going on about. I had hoped that this book would offer a more specific and concrete plan as to how he would go about making America great again, so that maybe (just maybe) I would feel better about a possible Trump Presidency.

Okay, so no spoilers about the answer to that question (yet). First, I want to say a few things I liked about this book (yes, there were a few):

1. It was less than 200 pages. It was short and I read it in a few hours.

2. With regards to illegal immigration, Trump feels we have to enforce our visa regulations. I completely agree with that. Most illegal immigrants are here due to expired visas. The problem is that Trump thinks we need stiffer penalties, when in actuality we need a tracking system so that we know when someone is here on an expired visa and we can track them down. There is nothing like that right now.

3. Trump says he wants to reform immigration so that more people are able to get citizenship to this country. He admits that the current immigration laws make it hard for people to immigrate here and he wants to change that. Yeah, I agree with that. But again, NO PLAN on how to do that (that is a theme with him).

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about what I didn't like (this section is definitely longer).

1. Oh my God, the arrogance. Seriously, a fun drinking game with this book would be to take a shot every time Trump says he is the best at something or that he is a winner. I would have been drunk by the end of the first chapter. And since when was The Apprentice the most successful show in TV history? Ha. That made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. Then he said later that the NBC President once said The Apprentice was the most successful REALITY show in NBC history. Okay, fine, that may be true, especially since NBC hasn't even had that many reality TV shows.

2. Trump doesn't think he has to know things in order to be qualified to be President. Yes, he actually said that. He complained about a radio interview in which the host asked if he could name the various terrorist leaders in the world and he said that he didn't think knowing these names a year before the election is a test of whether he is qualified or not. Okay . . . so when? He even said that Obama and Bush probably couldn't do that either. Ha. Please. I have no doubt that both Barack Obama and George W. Bush knew who their advisors were talking about when certain terrorist leaders are mentioned. I am sure Clinton knows this information. So when does he think it is appropriate to learn this stuff? One of the themes of the book is that Trump kept saying that when he needs to know something, he will know it. So basically, he doesn't think it's important to know anything until he actually wins the election. Scary.

3. No plan. Nope, there was no plan for anything. Was there a plan for how he would make Mexico build a wall? Other than increasing various border fees and increasing the fees on temporary visas (which wouldn't even matter if all these people are wanting to come here illegally), no he didn't. Oh, and do you want to know his plan for healthcare? Step 1: repeal Obamacare. Step 2: hire the BEST people in the world, lock them in a room and not let them out until they come up with the steps we need to take to fix the healthcare system. Umm, okay.

4. The lies. He talks about his statement regarding Mexicans. I heard the clip. I saw it on TV. He said that Mexico was sending its worst people, like rapists and that some, he assumed, were good. In the book, he claimed that he said only some Mexicans were rapists and that most were good. Not true. Trump also said that the unemployment rate (including underemployment) is 20%. Nope, not true. I looked it up. Right now, it's at 10%. It looks like when this book went to press, it was closer to 12%. Either way, Trump was wrong.

5. The hypocrisy. He says he has thick skin, but then he complains about the media criticizing him. He says that he uses the media and doesn't mind being attacked and yet there is an ENTIRE CHAPTER on how evil the media is for attacking him. He says he takes free speech very seriously and yet, he has said there needs to be more consequences for protestors.

6. He talks about wanting to get rid of Common Core because the government shouldn't be involved with education. Does he realize that Common Core is led by STATES and the federal government has NOTHING to do with it? Of course not.

7. There was nothing about social policies, such as gay marriage and abortion here. But he did mention his much of a Christian he is and how he would make sure the courts favored Christianity more. Okay, whatever.

Okay, so I could go on and on with this. There was a lot of foreign policy stuff that also made no sense and I could talk about the ridiculousness of him trying to end birthright citizenship, but if I talked about what was wrong with every single chapter, this review would go on for a while. I did notice a pattern in the book. Much like his debates, Trump is appealing to the anger that some Americans are feeling. He feeds on it, he encourages it. Every single chapter had three parts: 1) Trump is a winner and he is the best at getting stuff done, 2) Obama is awful and he has worked with Democrats to single handedly destroy whatever topic he was talking about, and 3) He plans on getting the best people he can to try and fix the problem. That's it. But because his supporters are so angry, they don't even realize that he has no plan and no knowledge on how to fix anything. Oh, and he constantly said he wanted to make America great again. I know it's the title of the book, but come on, we don't need to hear it every five minutes.

Okay, so has this book made me realize that a Trump Presidency wouldn't be so bad? NO. If anything, it made me dislike him even more. There are policies he has talked about that weren't in the book, such as banning all Muslims and closing down some of the Mosques. But one statement he made stuck out: he said that he never makes a promise he can't keep. That statement alone is enough to make me not want to vote for him.

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