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Collision Course by Zoe Archer
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Apr 05, 2011

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This story is definitely more Romance than SF, though I think the SF was necessary to the story. The SF wasn't explained as much as I'd like...sigh. But the Romance was solid and satisfying.

This story was know how in an SF book the ship goes on autopilot and the story skips past that downtime to the "action"? This story doesn't skip, it fills all the autopilot time with lots of lust and some sex, with some of the same during the action. It came close to the "would they really think of sex now?" line for me, but never crossed it. Just when I'd get nervous, the character would think "Now's not the time to think about this." LOL.

The action scenes are good. The sex scenes are hot. You get a lot of the hero's pov and some of the heroine's. The backstory is good. The author's voice is good to and kept me interested.

The worldbuilding was good, but a bit sketchy for me. I wish she'd spent another five or ten pages and expanded on things like the politics and definitely on Kell's inner tech--which was pulled out almost like a deux ex machina at the end to save them. Yes, he told her a square on his wrist meant he could fly the plane, but that could have meant anything--it could have been a security chip. A paragraph of foreshadowing would have made the worldbuilding much better for me. I didn't realize until the end that Kell is supposed to, I think, be like Catherine Asaro's Juggernauts--full of technology and implants that allow telepathy with some machines.

The bad guys are called PRAXIS (we aren't told why), and apparently there is no opposing government, only the 8th military wing.

Still, the romance was good enough to please me and make me glad I read this.


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