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Heir to the Sky by Amanda Sun
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did not like it
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Disclaimer: I won a free copy of this book as one of the Goodreads First Reads giveaways courtesy of Harlequin Teen.

I'm sad to say there are no redeeming qualities in this one. The worldbuilding was horrible and extremely lacking, the characters were MEH, the plot was also meh, and the dragons didn't eat everyone at the end like I'd hoped. I should have known from reading the other reviews that I wouldn't like this one but I thought I'd take a chance anyway but I feel like it was a bit of waste.

I don't really have any good things to say about this one tbh. I don't like being too negative because I feel bad: someone worked hard to make this. But this just did not turn my crank at all. There were so many plot holes because of the terrible worldbuilding that I couldn't look past them. It seemed like any time something came up that the author threw something else into the mix to fill the gap but it just came across as awkward. Like the whole prophecy at the end was just random and not well developed at all. It made me roll my eyes and laugh.

The characters were so meh. Kali was alright but everyone else was just ick to me. Griffin was like a wet paper towel, just there to try and clean up some messes but making them worse. He was also like a terrible monster hunter considering he almost died like 15 times in the book. I think every time he met a monster he almost died. And he just wasn't love interest worthy. Oh and his heritage was stupid af. Jonash was stiff as a board and pulled a (view spoiler) which was obvious to everyone but the MC. Just. I can't even describe to you how terrible his character arc is without spoiling it but it's bad.

The pacing was so off too. So much time would pass because the author would write "this much time has passed now" and I was just left baffled. Show me time passing, show me her healing, show me them walking to the mountains -- don't just say "ah yes, this whole trip has taken 5 days and we're here." I hate travelogue as much as the next person, but I hate time gaps even more. And the whole healing thing was just sighs. She had broken ribs and was shooting a bow and arrow with no difficulty like three days later.

As much as I enjoy that there are more standalone fantasy books, I think this one either needed more pages or another whole book so I could understand the world. AKA so there could be worldbuilding. Like there was none. None.

I do not recommend this one at all. Like it's a hard pass, not even a borrow from the library. You can read my status updates to learn more about what I didn't like about it.

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April 9, 2016 – Started Reading
April 9, 2016 –
page 17
5.8% "My ARC doesn't have 384 pages but I am on page 17"
April 9, 2016 –
page 23
7.85% ""we don't even know if it's true" -- oh gosh I feel like this book is going to be a little pointless"
April 9, 2016 –
page 27
9.22% "oh a betrothal to a dude that is probably hot but not her type"
April 9, 2016 –
page 30
10.24% "I was right"
April 9, 2016 –
page 37
12.63% "A STATE OF POLITICAL UNREST. EXILES. REBELS. What else are we missing that will sure to crop up soon?"
April 9, 2016 –
page 45
15.36% "omg are they going to push her off the floating island. THAT I can get behind."
April 9, 2016 –
page 54
18.43% "I .. need a bit of a break from this one. I do want to meet Griffin and see this girl fall off the floating world but. I need a break right now."
April 9, 2016 –
page 63
21.5% "man she literally just falls. I was hoping Jonash would have at least helped her along tbh."
April 9, 2016 –
page 90
30.72% "who calmly asks if someone literally fell from the sky. I would be like "wtf""
April 9, 2016 –
page 94
32.08% "what"
April 9, 2016 –
page 107
36.52% "I just. Okay, so they rescue the fallen, that's awesome. But he is acting pretty chill about it. And she is like "yes this dude will take care of me" and I don't get it."
April 9, 2016 –
page 117
39.93% "okay I am not really sure about this one. It isn't really roping me in but what if there are more dragons and it ends with everyone being eaten by a dragon?"
April 9, 2016 –
page 130
44.37% "Here's my issue right now. I'm actually at 44% of the way through and I feel like I missed something. We weren't given a whole lot about life on the floating surface other than HINTS at a rebellion for me to be like "ah yes these fallen are either exiled or jumpers" and to really understand, well, anything. I needed something more before now because I don't get it."
April 9, 2016 –
page 135
46.08% "I ... she... she has broken ribs... how is she shooting arrows ..."
April 9, 2016 –
page 138
47.1% "it's been a week and a half???? And now she is going to kill some monsters because she can shoot arrows with her broken ribs."
April 9, 2016 –
page 145
April 9, 2016 –
page 147
50.17% "I mean, of course there wasn't a phoenix but like she said herself at the beginning that they weren't sure the story was even true so if she gets upset at these people I may have to throw the book across the room"
April 9, 2016 –
page 153
52.22% "I feel like everyone is way too calm in this book. Kali just had her life flipped upside down and she's pretty okay with it. And I mean, we're in her mind and she's not really freaking out so I'm like confused as to how I should be feeling."
April 9, 2016 –
page 168
57.34% "man time passes awkwardly in this one. the pacing is pretty bad"
April 9, 2016 –
page 173
59.04% "man for a monster hunter he comes close to being eaten a whole lot"
April 9, 2016 –
page 178
60.75% ""You must be thinking 'some monster hunter he is'" -- yes yes exactly."
April 9, 2016 –
page 189
64.51% "so basically this whole world is made up of gryffindors and slytherins. no ravenclaws because "Scholars have no fighting skills" makes me want to slap him."
April 9, 2016 –
page 195
66.55% "I just don't understand. Do the humans on earth think that once Kali gets back in the sky that people aren't going to question how she survived and made it to the mountains practically unharmed without help? Because I for sure would question that."
April 9, 2016 –
page 205
69.97% "so buddy wanted her to fall off but didn't push her? that's disappointing"
April 9, 2016 –
page 212
72.35% "*sighs* of course he is"
April 9, 2016 –
page 213
72.7% ""I'll stay here" - "You always do" --> wtf does that mean"
April 9, 2016 –
page 229
78.16% "78%** - ugh. I want to DNF. At like 80%."
April 9, 2016 –
page 231
78.84% "no girl I wish you had been pushed but sadly you were just ALLOWED to fall"
April 9, 2016 –
page 234
79.86% "so many thoughts on this. but #spoilers so zipped lips from me"
April 9, 2016 –
page 245
83.62% "I only have like 45 more pages so I'm going to stick it out for you guys. I am performing an act of kindness. This is my good karma stacking up for the weekend."
April 9, 2016 –
page 252
86.01% "wise, leadership words from Griffin. *eye roll*"
April 9, 2016 –
page 260
88.74% "wait he's a prince. wtf man"
April 9, 2016 –
page 262
89.42% "Kali: "What prophecy?"\n Me: "NOW THERE'S A PROPHECY""
April 9, 2016 –
page 267
91.13% "what the ACTUAL eff is happening right now."
April 9, 2016 –
page 293
100.0% "oh good I'm done."
April 9, 2016 – Finished Reading

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message 1: by Sara (new) - rated it 1 star

Sara (A Gingerly Review) OH god. I have this with me to start today. It seems I should put it back on the shelf or in my giveaway pile.

Jamie (Books and Ladders) Sara wrote: "OH god. I have this with me to start today. It seems I should put it back on the shelf or in my giveaway pile."

I would recommend not reading it. It isn't even like car crash good, if you know what I mean.

message 3: by Sara (new) - rated it 1 star

Sara (A Gingerly Review) I know exactly what you mean! Thank you for saving me from a future DNF!

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