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The Shelters of Stone by Jean M. Auel
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Apr 05, 2011

did not like it

I didn't finish this book. I might try to finish it some time, but so far it was a struggle trying even to get halfway through it. This is not so much a review, but more like a couple of complaints I have.

Auel is extremely repetitive and also very descriptive. She's keeps reminding her readers of things they already know from reading the first four books, which is of course terribly boring. There are also large paragraphs where she describes the landscape, which one has the urge to simply skip.
I also got really tired of how great Ayla was. Apparently she's very beautiful and clever and blahblah. Her strange accent turns out to be something exotic and makes her even more interesting! When someone tries to play a prank on Ayla by making her wear boys' clothes, everybody just notices how great she looks in them.
Then Ayla and Jondalar have sex a lot, in graphic detail. It made me go: "Oh man, not again..!"

I liked the first two books very much, but after that it just started to go downhill for me.

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