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―Time to Play― (上) by Keiichi Sigsawa
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really liked it
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I'll start off by saying this book is amazingly boring. Now why would I give a boring book 4 stars?
Well, it's also a nice look into the workings of the light novel industry. The title of this book should be:
How To Get Published As A LN Writer In Japan, Especially Submitting for Dengeki Bunko
Because the amount of info is staggering. SO much info.... that there is no plot. Not for the first volume. It's hinted at the end, but no meat really. It's just one big info dump.

This book was inspiring to keep writing. The process of how the author kept plugging away at it and then the process involved in publishing. It was a bit "wow".
As he says in the book. Just write. We all can't start being authors in the first go. If all you can write is something simple, write simple then build up. He details at length how he kept a notebook and wrote down all his "delusions", and then another file was just plot snippets like "alien turtles take over the school". So it gives some good advice.
He also details about how he realized he wrote too many males in his story, so he set off to correct the balance by changing some of them to women. It isn't perfect because he likes to do it in book. with a gender reveal. Still it's what most male authors can't even seem to do and just brush it off as "well that just the way it is". So it reflects back on the actual author that he probably does a lot of gender balancing in his novels unless he means for them to focus on having a majority as girls.

The only really super problem, I found with the book lies only in the translator/editor (if there was one). Lots of misspellings that change the meaning, the name of "Reputation" seems to change, uses "Miss" instead of honorifics, etc.
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"Not plump, not delicate:\n \n \n eeeyeaaaahhhh.. no she's typical delicate seinen flower."
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"Forgot that this is 4% in also link to image:\n"
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""Adding 'Miss' even though you're older?"\n You mean -san shitlator McGee"
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19.0% "So the book has a nice info dump which I assume is a factual account of the way Dengeki Bunko works with regards to publishing awards. That and the book is published by Dengeki Bunko.\n This is a sort of power fantasy of winning a contest at 16 and getting published that young, and then getting an anime. Though it reads as kinda of silly."
April 22, 2016 –
24.0% "Aaaand we get an info dump on what "Vice Versa" is about. Where Shin defeats the opponent by revealing she's a woman disguised as a man. I.. don't know how you defeat someone like that? Does her strength just leave her because "wimminz" or something? I hope this book only exists in this story."
April 23, 2016 –
32.0% "SHOW DON'T TELL!\n This whole next section is a character info dump. Though I get the feeling that the author is taking a dig at people reading LNs and calling them childish. The whole super powered self-insert thing.\n Also, does Japan think that only men are the protagonists and women have to be the "heroines"? They DO know what that word means right? The context seems to be thus."
April 27, 2016 –
41.0% "This story isn't so much about what's in the title as it's about the whole light novel process in Japan. Even going so far to talk about ATOK and Ichitaro.\n \n I hope this book doesn't get shitty later, cuz it's actually kind of inspiring."
April 27, 2016 –
47.0% "We are at the writers block part."
May 4, 2016 –
57.0% "Alternate title of this book:\n "How To Get Published As A LN Writer In Japan, Especially Submitting for Dengeki Bunko""
May 5, 2016 –
69.0% "Past the sexist aside about girls not liking machines... this book is a bit inspirational on how to "just write".\n Like the example is "just write simple things" until you can build up into a full story. Write snippets of plot and then chain them together.\n \n Really this book is more "How To" manual than an actual story driven LN."
May 6, 2016 –
71.0% "The author in the book:\n "No I won't use long titles because they are stale and not impactful."\n The actual author of this book:\n "I'm a High School Boy and a Bestselling Light Novel author, Strangled By My Female Classmate Who Is My Junior and a Voice Actress"\n \n This book likes to poke fun at real world LN tropes"
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