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The Cattleman by Anna Jeffrey
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Let's just start with the elephant in the room...aka Pic... but instead of an elephant he is a jackass.

Mandy has loved him apparently from grade school and has had to sit by as he left her to go to college and married a trashy woman who wanted his money and who cheated on him WHOM HE STILL LOVES...Pic is an idiot. But when you meet his mother you know where he gets it from..she is a nasty piece of work herself. Miss Betty has done everything that she can to destroy anyone who dares to love her boys, no one is good enough for Pic, or Drake.....there is also Troy but..he is from another woman..... She has planned against both women Shannon (Drake's woman) as well as Mandy. Whereas Drake is worth fighting for... having to put up with Pic and his mother.... NOT ENOUGH MONEY IN TEXAS.

Mandy is not good enough because she is a smalltown teacher and was married before (duh like the loser Pic was married too), she has tried to sabotage her reputation as well as her job, but Drake stood for his woman, but Pic is wishy washy about it in the end he is still allowing his mother some dictating in his life.


There is a whore (now Mandy a school teacher who has a job, a career and a good heart is NOT good enough) but some slut who drops her clothes at the drop of a hat and has NO job in debt upto her eyeballs she sends to entice him to cheat on Mandy. Sorry I am a mother...ain't NO slut ever going to be my goto girl to end up with my son.... but she picked her because she was a ho like his first wife so she figured he would go for it......another thing the slut is named something like zosha...a nickname from a name I cannot spell .....

Pic is loathsome, he falls into the trap so to speak constantly walking around with a arousal because a woman that probably everyone has taken a turn with dresses like a dime store hooker on a ranch full of men. bikini top and ass baring shorts.... yeah... a real cowboy wants every onery worker looking at his woman on display... no one BUT Pic would. Can you tell I hated him...with a passion.

Meanwhile back to the story, Pic is replacing Drake as the ranch overseer, Drake has chosen another occupation, so he is working all the time and pretty much when he manages to get away from the ranch it is nothing much but sex with Mandy and heading home. He has no time for her, but is somehow allowed to show zosha whatever her name is around because "she is a photographer" she ain't. The nasty piece of work strips naked for him to entice him.... and he flashes back on her body in a couple of scenes and many times before then as she doesnt hide much.

There is someone sabotaging the things they own, so they are under protection of armed security, I had high hopes that the nasty slut would win pic as they were their own little match made in hell, whereas Mandy's security guard was hot and he paid attention to her and seemed to find her as appealing as the reader did. Her only downfall was her unimagineable desire for Pic.

HATED PIC, BETTY and ZOSHA whatever whom I hope to heck is NOT going to be given to Troy as his heroine. There was a unbelievable HFN, as if his nasty ex or the skank drop into his vision his "love" with lower as his parts rise.
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