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Lord Sunday by Garth Nix
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Apr 04, 2011

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The final book in the Keys to the Kingdom series. This is the book in which the reader will be looking for many answers to lingering questions. Fortunately, the answers will be given.

In this final part of the series, Arthur will face some of his toughest personal decisions.


Some thoughts about the series as a whole and specifically the finale.

Early on in this series, I could tell that the Creator/creation/Godlike qualities/characters in this book would not mesh with my own beliefs. Nevertheless, I recognized the series as very obvious fictional fantasy and forged on in the hopes of reading an entertaining story. From an entertainment standpoint, the book definitely did not disappoint.
One thing to note about this series is that you could not describe it as having a "Happy Ending". Does it finish okay and with an upbeat note, yes it does...but be prepared for much loss and sacrifice to occur, especially in Book 7. To parents: I suggest reading along/before your child to be prepared for the issues that come up in this book and may need discussed with your child. To a kid looking to read this book: I suggest being willing to discuss elements of the book that you question with a parent/adult.

This book gets darker than most books I've picked up off the Youth sections, furthermore, the personal decisions that Arthur has to make along the way are very significant: Who do I trust, when to accept/reject authority, lives of the few over lives of the many, battling rage.


Overall, this is a series I definitely enjoyed reading and one that in the right setting can bring up great questions for discussion.

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