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Seer of Souls by Susan Faw
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DNF @ 36%

If you read my status updates, you'll know what my main issues with this one were: nothing was explained and nothing was happening. There were random bits of information throughout but nothing that gave me a concrete bearing for why these kids were special or had magical abilities. In my opinion, the prologue should have been expanded a bit to give us a bit more information about the birth of the twins and why they were seen in prophecies. The backstory felt very rushed from everything we had seen so far at almost 40% of the novel.

As well, nothing was really happening. Cayden and Avery already knew about their abilities and were trying to keep them secret (which was difficult for me to swallow because they were in the middle of nowhere and had magical abilities -- someone would have realized these kids were special tbh) but then would do something out of character, like Cayden not believing he was "magic" which didn't really make sense to me?

It also felt very awkward to have their father kinda just go with the flow when the Seekers came to their house to take away the kids. He invited them in no questions asked and even offered them tea. I feel like he should have been a bit more protective? Like why are these random people snooping around and looking for my children? And then he just kinda was like "okay we will leave with you" like ????? IDK it just felt like they had to keep the plot moving forward so he was chill with everything which seemed awkward.

We also were in Cayden's POV a lot, which is fine but it got to be a bit much near the end of my reading. As well, we were given perspective from some other people and it seemed really out of place and uncomfortable to switch to them the way we did. I still don't really know what the plot is other than these kids are going to overthrow the current Queen. But I don't know why the Queen is bad or why people hate her. And it was just a bit clunky. I feel like some things needed to be unpacked before they were to keep me interested and engaged.

I think this has potential to be a good story; the writing wasn't horrible and flowed nicely, the dialogue was pretty good, there was a lot of showing rather than outright telling, but it was just taking too long. And I had no idea why it was taking so long. Why did we have to unpack things so slowly? Why were the kids so advanced at magic already but still learning their limitations? These were things I needed to know way before now to increase my interest and wanting to continue reading.

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March 22, 2016 – Shelved
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April 2, 2016 – Started Reading
April 2, 2016 –
6.0% "I'm a tad bit confused but I shall survive."
April 2, 2016 –
9.0% "still a bit confused. I feel like it is switching between povs too quickly for me to be able to understand anything that is really going on or formulate an understanding of the characters."
April 2, 2016 –
14.0% "alright. now we are getting somewhere"
April 2, 2016 –
15.0% "I'm also secretly hoping that Cayden and his sister whose name is escaping me will fight one another for the throne?? Like that would be excellent"
April 2, 2016 –
16.0% "Why is there a random quote at the beginning of this chapter now."
April 2, 2016 –
17.0% "I don't understand. she had foreseen this? Why didn't we know she had foreseen this?"
April 2, 2016 –
20.0% "I ... What. Dude gets told his children are basically from a prophecy and he shrugs and let's them come in and offers tea??? That doesn't feel like a natural reaction, even if he KNOWS they are from the prophecy"
April 2, 2016 –
22.0% "that was the vaguest description ever considering he made it seem like it was going to be super dramatic."
April 2, 2016 –
25.0% "I'm taking a bit of a break right now. I need to mull over if I am going to continue or not."
April 3, 2016 –
28.0% "I feel like this jumps weirdly and that these kids have these super strong powers that aren't really explained but also haven't been noticed which doesn't really make sense to me."
April 3, 2016 –
29.0% "okay here are My Thoughts™: This needed to start with more of the prophecy or the scrolls or more information about why these kids were so special because right now I don't care about them and their magic. They just feel like Typical YA Magic Users™ and it is frustrating because I'm not sure why they are important to the story beyond PROPHECY™. And that's not enough tbh."
April 3, 2016 –
32.0% "I don't know if I want to continue. I've past my typical stopping point but nothing has really ~happened~ and I feel like something should have ~happened~ by now."
April 3, 2016 –
35.0% "I think I may stop. The writing isn't too bad, it just feels like it is taking too long for the story to get somewhere. We are also focusing a lot on Cayden but he is just kinda wandering? I also still feel like I don't know why these kids are so special. Without reading the synopsis, I wouldn't realize why they are special. However, I am still confused a bit."
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Dani (Dani Reviews Things & Love in a time of Feminism) Your review is very well-written! It's important to share DNF reviews to explain why the story didn't hold your attention.

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