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Born to Darkness by Lorraine Kennedy
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Apr 03, 2011

liked it

** spoiler alert ** This was a short book, read it in a few hours, only 74 pages. I liked it. I like the concept of the story. Three sisters exist to save the vampire and possibly wolf races. It has your girl meets vampire, falls in love with vampire, vampire leaves to keep her safe, and because her father said so, then they get back together because they just can't bare to be apart. I know that sounds like Twilight but this actually has a lot more going on and it's an adult paranormal romance definately not for tweens, NOT for the YA audience at all. I had a couple issues with the story. For one it needed a bit more detail here and there. In one scene Nicole, the female main character, is rushing to a boat and sees him. Who I kept asking myself since we were just reading about her missing boss, then we find out it's her vampire Alec. Then he holds her and they fly. How? Does he have wings, does he fly like Superman? Why are other vampires so afraid of him? Why does he call her father "Lord" when he's not the one that changed him? Why does her father say "do you realize whose daughter you've taken as a lover?" Is her dad some really big important person?? How so? I'm really interested to find out how the quest for finding her sisters turns out and how the three of them can save the vampires and wolves. I just hope some more explanations can be given when reactions occur between characters, or how surpernatural things are happening. Aside from that I really did enjoy the book and I hope the series continues.
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