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A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab
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it was amazing
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In case you had any doubts...THIS BOOK WAS SHEER FRIKKIN PERFECTION AND I'M A DAMAGED MESS. HI. I mean, how do I even review this. I don't think I really will?? I don't want to give spoilers. I just want to say (a) VE Schwab is a writing queen and wonder, (b) this is exactly what a series conclusion should be like, (c) i hurt man i hurt so bad in the best possible way, and (d) it was perfecccccccccccccctttttttt.

• Kell's coat. I'm not saying this lightly, it is literally my favourite character
• the romance was like A++++ and didn't overpower but yet was excellent
• my ships <3
• I mean I ship myself with Kell's coat tbh but let's not talk about that
• magical objects. magical objects everywhere
• the light of my life is Kell and Alcurd bickering because they are old cranky women who don't like to share Rhy apparently
• Lila showing love by stabbing people
• sass in times of strife
• black magic, black magic everywhere
• the way the book can hurt so fiercely by damaging/taking away things the characters love so their pain is your pain and it's 10000 x worse than anything
• Holland who is a precious cinnamon muffin and should not suffer so
• literally me right now to Holland = <3 <3 <3 <3
• everything
• i loved everything let's just get it out there

(view spoiler)

BASICALLY THERE IS SO MUCH STABBING AND BLOOD AND MAGIC AND IT IS 100% EVERYTHING I LOVE IN A BOOK. This is my all time favourite series omg (apart from The Raven Cycle) and it's perfect and HURTS and I've never loved characters quite as much as I love Kell and Rhy. <3 <3 <3

Also FYI: my hardcover preorder arrived damaged so if that's not a metaphor I don't know what is.

"You think this is a bad idea?"
"Without a doubt."
"Then why are you smiling?"
"Because," she said, "bad ideas are my favourite kind."

"So Osaron is just a piece of magic with an ego?" asked Rhy.

Kell's gaze shifted to the bed, sheets rumpled where Alucurd had been lying moments before. "Taking your task seriously, I see."
"I told you to keep him safe, not cuddle."
Alucard spread his hands behind him on the sheets. "I'm more than capable of multitasking."

"What have you done?" demanded Kell.
"It was just a tonic, sir," he fumbled, "something for sleep."
"You drugged her?"
"It was Tieren's order," said Hastra, chastised. "He said she was mad and stubborn and no use to us dead." Hastra lowered his voice when he said this, mimciking Tieren's tone with startling accuracy.
"And what do you plan to do when she wakes back up?"
Hastra shranks back. "Apologise?"
Kell made an exasperated sound as Lila nuzzled -- actually nuzzled -- his shoulder.
"I suggest," he snapped at the young man, "you think of something better. Like an escape route."

(My favourite quote but it might be a bit spoilery so I'll tag it)
(view spoiler)
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Quotes C.G. Liked

V.E. Schwab
“A low whistle behind him as Alucard appeared at the entrance.
'Picking out a gift?' asked the captain.
'Good, then take this'. He dropped a ring into Kell's hand.
Kell frowned. 'I'm flattered, but I think you're asking the wrong brother.”
V.E. Schwab, A Conjuring of Light

V.E. Schwab
“I told you to keep him safe, not cuddle."
Alucard spread his hands behind him on the sheets. "I'm more than capable of multitasking”
V.E. Schwab, A Conjuring of Light

V.E. Schwab
“Lila smiled at that, one of those smiles that made Kell profoundly nervous. The kind of smile usually followed by a weapon.”
V.E. Schwab, A Conjuring of Light

V.E. Schwab
“Death comes for us all," said Holland evenly. "I would simply have mine mean something.”
V.E. Schwab, A Conjuring of Light

V.E. Schwab
“Scars are not shameful, not unless you let them be. If you do not wear them, they will wear you.”
V.E. Schwab, A Conjuring of Light

V.E. Schwab
“What are we drinking to?"
"The living," said Rhy.
"The dead," said Alucard and Lila at the same time.
"We're being thorough," added Rhy.”
V.E. Schwab, A Conjuring of Light

V.E. Schwab
“She was a thief, a runaway, a pirate, a magician.
She was fierce, and powerful, and terrifying.
She was still a mystery.
And he loved her.”
V.E. Schwab, A Conjuring of Light

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(Also no I shall not be posting anything spoilery at all. Keep your socks on.)"
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(Also can I really read this all in one night??? CAN I???)"
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Katie (Bookwise) This book is supposed to arrive Friday and these reviews keep destroying me and help

message 2: by Deborah (new)

Deborah O'Carroll "Lila showing love by stabbing people
• sass in times of strife
• black magic, black magic everywhere"

^ Is it bad that this whole part of the description made me think of the White Cat series? XD

But wow... favorite after the Raven Cycle? o.o This is deep stuff, man. *casually nudges first book a little higher on library wishlist*

Laili Great review! I agree with everything. Holland <3

I really liked Rhy in AGOS but now I'm in love with him.

C.G. Drews @Kathryn: ALL THE DESTROY.

@Deborah: Omg yes! Same name too! That's hilarious. XD


Laili Ugh yes. They were already so good, but I swear in this book they WOW-ed me so much. I need to binge read all the books sometime soon.

Dita I'm still waiting for my pre-order to arrive, so I'm not yet engaging spoilers. But I did read your citations from the book and the last one that's not spoilery made me squeal like stupid. All the bits I keep seeing make me so happy, and, at times, fill me with a sense of dread. I can't wait! :D

C.G. Drews @Dita: IT'S SO GOOD, BUT I HEAR YA WITH THE DREAD. I was so so anxious when I started it. But perfection. <3

Aspen (Skeleton Leaf Reviews) I'm so excited to read this.

C.G. Drews @Penn: YAYYYY!!!

message 10: by Avery (new) - added it


message 11: by Gavin (new)

Gavin Abdollahi Quick question:
Schwab mentions the book has sex...
How bad is it?
Sorry, my dad's pretty sensitive about the stuff I read.

message 12: by viv (new) - rated it 5 stars

viv that was my favourite quote too! I'M ALMOST IN TEARS AGAIN JUST READING YOUR REVIEW CAIT

message 13: by C.G. (new) - rated it 5 stars

C.G. Drews @Farjana: (view spoiler)

Michelle (Scarborg) EXCELLENT QUOTES!
Also ... your last spoiler. REALLY REALLY REALLY got to me and OMG the feels. Like, my friends all thought I lost my mind. And they all knew not to assume I had one to begin with!

message 15: by C.G. (new) - rated it 5 stars


message 16: by Dita (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dita Now that I've read the book, I read your spoiler section and... Well, when I read the last part of your spoilers, the same things happened as when I saw it unfold in the book. Feels and wet eyes. This book was an emotional killer. And I totally agree with the overall sentiment of the spoiler part.

message 17: by Liz (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liz I just love this review! And I love that you love some kind of a coat this much... I haven't read the series yet, but I plan to rectify that asap. :)

Staci My favorite bits of your review: Sass in times of strife
So much stabbing

Yep.. that sums it up perfectly! This book was PERFECTION!

message 19: by C.G. (new) - rated it 5 stars

C.G. Drews @Staci: Aww, thanks!! This book is so good I'm still thinking about it. :')

Ileana Just finished with it, and I agree with everything you said! Schwab truely is the queen!

Brisni (בריטני) Hahaha but omg you misspelled Alucard's name twice and proved your blog post about reading only the first two letters of a name true. xD

message 22: by C.G. (new) - rated it 5 stars

C.G. Drews @Brittany: I am kind of dyslexic with spelling too haha, sorry.

Estevan Castillo Question: the royal family 'adopted' Kell around the same time that the king was making the inheritor... was he planning on sacrificing Kell to give Rhy the magic of an antari!?

Evelyn Evertsen-Romp Also have you seen dat Alucard is Dracula spelled backwards? My friend told me last week and I was like HUH

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