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What Might Have Been by Kira Sinclair
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"I loved What Might Have Been. It's sweet, it's hot, it's emotionally poignant and satisfying...and did I mention hot? Kira Sinclair hit this one out of the ballpark."
- New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard

Ahh...this is HB at its best. I loved everything about this book...from the hot couple on the cover (who depicted the H/h perfectly) right through to an epilogue that is the perfect ending to an amazing love story.

Luke Collier has returned home to Collier Orchards for his grandfather's funeral. When he left 8 years ago for the bright lights of the big city, he was eager to get away from the orchard and the stifling setting of the small town he had grown up in...so eager that he dumped his girlfriend of 4 years, half-heartedly promised his grandparents he would write, and bid his twin brother Logan a fond adieu as well...effectively walking away from everything he loved without so much as a backward glance. Now he was back, and that stifling feeling immediately took hold of him again. He couldn't wait to sell the orchard and move Gran to a home in Atlanta close to his condo!

But then he saw Ainsley...and he was flooded with memories of their past. He had fallen in love with her the very moment he had first laid eyes on her in the orchard...her beauty illuminated by the moonlight. But that had been many years ago when she was just a teenager. She certainly wasn't a teenager any longer. She was a grown woman and even more beautiful than he had imagined..and he had imagined it more times than he cared to admit during those years he had been away. None of the women he had dated could hold a candle to Ainsley...not just in beauty but in strength of character...heart and soul. And - OMG the sex! It had been like nothing he had ever experienced again. More than amazing! But then the familiar, gut-wrenching feeling took hold of him and Luke berated himself for his foolish thoughts. He made a firm promise to himself he wouldn't linger at the orchard a moment longer than was necessary. He wasn't up for the torture...

... Ainsley had married his brother.

If you enjoy the "second time around" theme, put this book at the top of your wish-list. If hot, sweaty, peach-juice-sticky sex is your thing, these two turn it into a delicious, erotic work of art. The sexual chemistry they share is palpable (caution: drooling inevitable) and the sex -wowowowow - raw, needy and totally uninhibited.

*dear God, send me a Luke Collier and I promise to eat brussel sprouts every day for the rest of my life*

There are several heart-wrenching, bittersweet moments so a box of Kleenex is strongly advised (although a sturdy sleeve should do in a pinch). Whatever. Just read this book. Please. I guarantee the few hours you spend absorbing these 200 pages will be time very well-spent!

I'm off to check out Kira's blog...

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message 1: by MelissaB (new)

MelissaB Great review Karen!!

KarenH Thanks, Mel!

message 3: by Rane (new) - added it

Rane Great Review Karen, you have me sold on this book!

message 4: by KatLynne (new)

KatLynne Great Review Karen!

KarenH Hi. Thanks, you guys.

Sorry you didn't like the book, Mia. Will you be doing a review?

Adrienne, Logan is Luke's brother. So I'm guessing you weren't liking the idea of Ainsley being married to one twin but in love with the other? I didn't either, but there was a reason for that. Logan is never a part of the current story...what happens with him takes place before the book begins.

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