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Have a New Husband by Friday by Kevin Leman
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Apr 02, 2011

it was ok
Read in August, 2010

This book is typical. Basically it states that the problems in the marriage are all the wives fault. Men hold only a small part of the blame. We have no right to the money because he is to make all those decisions for us. If we dare to be independent enough to solve our own problems we are telling him that he is too stupid to solve them for us and we do not really need him. We are to be completely dependent on him asking him how we are to fix our problems or having him fix them for us, asking him what is the best way to spend his money because we are incapable of spending the money properly. When we are aloud to leave his house without him. Why we are to blame for us unfaithful behavior. ie we are a bad wife who didn't have sex with him every single time he wanted it. How his needs are vastly important so important that everything else does not matter because we are to be dropping all we are doing for his needs to be met first at all times. While at the same time giving him all the time in the world to fulfill even one of our needs because he can only do one thing at a time and it will take him much longer to get around to our needs. We are to always make his priorities our priorities while he will never make our priorities his because ours are no where near as important as his. He can tell us what to do because lets face it we must be ordered around we may screw up. If he is abusive its all his mothers fault even though dad was the abuser. Men do not learn how to be men from men but from women. So therefore its again a woman's fault and not the mans faults. Men will only do for us once he is guaranteed sex in return he must always be rewarded for doing anything for us while we should never expect to be thanked for what we do for him. Men know how to make a mess but at the same time incapable of seeing the mess he left behind. So we must at all times point out the mess he made and ask him if he would take time out of his sports watching wife ignoring time to pick up after himself. Which would be simpler to just do it yourself because sports come first. We must tell him where to we want to go and when he takes us to his favorite restaurant we must be happy even though he is basically taking himself out and just allowing us to come along for the ride.
I do not think its disrespectful to ask him what he spent money on especially if we are making money also. Just because women have decided what to cook him for supper does not mean we never think about money issues. It doesn't mean we are incapable of making good decisions. If it affects us we should have the right to know where it is going. A woman who completely trusts her husband and has no right to know often gets hurt. I am sorry but not knowing where it goes does not protect the wife from the consequences. Studies prove that men are more impulsive spenders than women. Women have proven that they are capable of making good decisions. If you actually think your wife is intelligent why do you only allow her to make mundane decisions like what to cook for supper while you make all the important decisions.
Sex may be important but it is not THE MOST important thing in the marriage. If you aren't getting enough I can guarantee you that something else besides that is wrong with your marriage. Sex does not solve problems it ignores problems. Its like chocolate you will not have a better opinion of yourself after eating chocolate. Its a lie we tell ourselves. I think both parties are equally at fault for marriage problems. If someone cheats it solely their fault not the other person. The other person only holds blame for their own failures in the marriage not the blame for the others inconsiderate mistakes. Cheating is completely selfish and inconsiderate.
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