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Die for Me by Amy Plum
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Apr 02, 2011

liked it

Aaw, yeah! I liked DIE FOR ME! I truly hope I haven’t turned into one of those readers who hype up every last book they read, all very squee-y and happy… and for what? A guy who is “special?” A girl who falls head over heals over said guy? A guy has a “special” family and/or special set of friends? A couple that’s so ‘effin hot? I really hope I haven’t turned into one of those!

So DIE FOR ME has all those things mentioned above, yet I am once again surprised… because I liked Amy Plum world of revenants. So yeah, I don’t think refreshing and new are the words to describe DFM BUT it sure was enjoyable. The characters, the plot, the romance have all been done again and again and again in other books, but the way these elements have been put together here… was unexpected *grin.*

The four things that stood out for me were (a) the type of preternatural before us, (b) Kate’s reaction to meeting him, (c) Kate’s awareness. She didn’t fancy herself unattractive… she’s actually very aware of what she is and has to offer, and finally, (d) back to letter (b).

I don’t think I have ever read of revenants before, and even if I had I still think Plum did one heck of a job in describing them, explaining their origin and what-not. I’ve read about the fey. Weres or shifters? Yes and yes.. Vampires? Oh, heck yeah… so I think this might really be the first time I’ve ever come across revenants. The only down side for me on this bit was the baddies. I thought they were unnecessary. I found myself hooked once I knew what Vincent and his kindred were. I thought the Numa were needless additions to an already novel idea because the very idea of them had me wanting to know more.

OK, normally, the YA heroine falls head over heels with the guy upon laying eyes on him. When Kate realizes she’s being watched, I felt a moment of déjà vu. Would they be another Edward-Bella? Thank the gods, they weren't! What’s most impressive is how she reacts. Because instead of being ruled by hormones, she weighs things, considers things. A good move on her part? I sure thought so. My problem is soon after (view spoiler)

Then there's Georgia and Kate. Yes, Georgia was the pretty, out going popular one, but this did not automatically make Kate the dowdy wall flower type (normally expected of the other sister.) So, Kate was definitely no Marcia!. In fact I found her “normal-ness” different. The only thing remotely remarkable about her was that she was fluent in French and even that wasn’t as remarkable as one would think, especially considering their ancestry/parentage. She is just so normal. She sounds normal; she looks normal and she reacts normally too. See a mugging? Feel frightened. Get almost crushed by a wall? Cry. discover what they were? Freak out!

Of course, there were things that just had me gnashing my teeth (see the points on Numa and Kate’s world after her first decision) but the biggest thing for me was blink speed rate at which their relationship progressed. Yes, she considered things before jumping in AND since DFM is YA PNR, I’m assuming no one will be surprised that she eventually caves. My problem is she goes from questioning things to being totally in love. The fear she expressed at first discovering what they were, was a mere token expression. Once her decision was made, things pretty much happened really quickly; she went from being on the fence about being together, to practically saying I couldn’t bear to lose you!
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brittany O: I didn't like it very much xD;

Isamlq Britnee - A+ wrote: "O: I didn't like it very much xD;"

:) i read your review :) so i wasnt expecting much but..IMO i found this different!

brittany Lol I liked it at first but it reminded me too much of twilight. I liked the idea of it though!! (:

Kwesi 章英狮 I didn't click the spoiler link, I was hoping to read this book soon after you recommended this book to Joyzi.

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