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One Amazing Thing by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
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Apr 02, 2011

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Lynne I have this on hold at the library! I won't get it for a while, but you can wait for my review if you want.

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Chrissie Sure thing. Thanks.

Diane Woo, hoo, I just finished it 2 days ago! 4 stars for me. Let's talk when you're done, Chrissie.

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Chrissie Dianes, I don't like short stories. Do you think this book holds together, or is it a conglomerate of stories. WHAT did you like about it? WHY would you recommend it for me? Do you get different cultures? Or how people look at life differently?

Diane Chrissie, it is not a book of short stories. (Feel free to check out my review.) Rather, it is the story of 9 multi-cultural people, with very different personalities, not just their race. They are all going to India for very different personal reasons, and are trapped in the office of the Indian Consulate when an earthquake hits (this happens in the beginning of the story, so it is not a spoiler). At one point, each of the 9 tells a very personal story from their past. So while it is a novel on it's own, we are treated to the different voices and stories of each character. I thought it was very clever.

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Chrissie Diane, forgive me for being unclear. I knew the above. I was worried that the 9 different people who tell their stories would make the book seem like 9 different stories, rather than holding together cohesively. Does the book go further and present a central story also, astory that binds all 9 characters together? Do you see what I am getting at?

Shomeret Yes, there's a central story line. These people are trying to survive in this earthquake and there are arguments about how to do this and who should lead.

Diane Hi Chrissie - my fault :) Shomeret is right. I did not feel the story was disjointed at all. And unlike a book of short stories, that can leave you hanging, this book is not like that at all. Like Shomeret says, there is common goal of survival here, which is the primary focus of the story. And it is very interesting to see how each person reacts in such a dire situation. Also, it's a very small book, less than 200 pages.

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Chrissie Good information for me! Thanks both of you. I need that central theme, and this one sounds interesting.

Lynne I don't like short stories either, so I was surprised how much I liked this one. The central theme drives the stories rather than the other way around. I found the characters complex and interesting for the most part. I cared about them at the end.

Diane Lynne, that is a very accurate description of this book and clarifies the short story aspect of it perfectly.

Lynne Thanks, Diane.

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Chrissie OK, your opinions mean a lot to me. Two of you gave it four stars!

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