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White Crow by Marcus Sedgwick
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Apr 01, 2011

really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** Since the beginning I must admit I thought Ferelith was a boy (spying on Rebecca and talking about how she loves her) so the fact she's a girl came as quite a shock. I must adit I was slightly freaked out.

Anyways, throughout the book we have these two stories flicking between eachother, with three different viewpoints. Normally, I would say this is annoying, but actually I quite enjoyed it. In reality it was well written - the characters never overlapped in narraton and the story flowed well, gradually linking together.

I must admit I found the diaries of the preacher annoying - and to find out after he flirted with the doctor that he was a man - well, I was quite shocked.

I don't think I had read a book with so much gender confusion!

When they entered the castle I found that all the antisipation they has created failed miserably - the climax was pathetic and rather disapointing!

The ending was good though, I enjoyed the clashes and confusion and the death of Ferelith made me smile. Also, my friends and I had to play "Bring Me To Life" in music, so finding it in the book I pointed it out to them - not even imagining it was the song itself.

I have to say I found there was a startlying likeness between Bella from Twilight and Rebecca:
They both move to a cold town/village,
Both their dads are policemen
Both live with their dad.
Both get bored
Both seem obsessed by a lusty figure.
Both lusty figures seem demented.
Only difference: this time the figure is a girl; and a slightly wierd girl at that.

Overall a very good book, with a tiny lack of description gender wise and some disturbing topics. Good book!

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Tria Um... seems a bit mixed up. Ferelith's obsessed with Rebecca, not the other way about, and I certainly wouldn't have described Ferelith as "a lusty character", personally. Also I'm glad I read this book before I saw your Rebecca/Bella comparison, because had it been the other way about I'd have found that very offputting...

Charlotte To be honest, I can't even remember the book right now. I wrote that review two years ago when I was fourteen and it expressed my opinions of the book at the time. As part of the Carnegie award my friends and I had to read it, but I was the only one that got to the end because everyone else hated it. If I had put that in the review, maybe that would have put you off?

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