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The Dark Horse by Marcus Sedgwick
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** spoiler alert ** Pros:
A very quick read, story-telling style is brilliant, setting and context of the story really appealed and was conveyed vividly, I liked Sigurd, the main character, - he was very well developed - and the other characters played their parts well too. I also liked the illustrations at the beginning of every chapter as I think the appearance of a book adds a lot to the overall 'feel' of the story.

The purpose of Mouse and her history really irritated me. First I felt sorry for her, then I was confused, then I thought she was a nasty piece of work. I liked the idea of her being raised by wolves [smacked a bit of Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver but there you go, I thought that book was great and found a few parallels with it and The Dark Horse] and at the beginning I thought "ooh this is interesting, let's see what happens" which gradually turned into dismay and irritation at the 'twist'. It almost felt as if she was created irritating to add more of an emphasis to Sigurd's qualities as the one who finally saves the Storn from themselves. But what a shame if that was the case because she had the potential to be very interesting.

I really wanted this to be great but seem to have been unfortunately disappointed every time I read something by Marcus Sedgwick. Nothing seems to have lived up to Blood Red Snow White which I read first. I guess it was just 'ok', but nothing more...and like some others reviewed it, it had so much potential at the start but then kind of meandered towards the end.


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