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His Intimate Submission by Anne  Douglas
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Jason has desires to submit but he can't find a way to breach the subject with Lucy, his girlfriend, and this is rocking their relationship. Lucy finally pushs him enough tha he reveals he wants to be sexualy dominated. Lucy is a bit surprised but not at all turned off. So she does a bit of research and asks for help to try and make Jason's desires come through.

I really liked this book - it was very short tho - because Lucy understands that she needs help so she won't hurt Jason both physically and emotionally. She doesn't try to rush things or let the power go to her head. It's not a hardcore book, and what they did was very light, almost a sweet kink. I was very happy to see a strap-on being used and the hints of fisting. I'm really looking forward for a sequel of this book - you hearing that Anne Douglas? lol - because IMO they would be more 'into it' than just the idea of it. 4 Stars.

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