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Us by Sarina Bowen
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it was amazing

Oh Jamie....sigh...Oh Wes....double sigh....Oh let's talk about how much I loved this book with my entire heart. Like I loved it loved it. For reals. This book was everything I wanted and needed and craved with Jamie and Wes. Just when I thought it wasn't possible to love those two more, Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy give me Us, and they just made me fall so damn harder. And you know what? I loved every single word of that fall, every single moment of authentic and thoughtfully crafted feeling and emotion and every moment of unadulterated heat and heartfelt connection connection that they let me experience with Wes and Jamie, and every single second of what it was like to live and breathe and just experience all that this book was.

Us was heated. Us was meaningful beyond belief. Us was real and messy and so raw at times. Us was Wes. Us was Jamie. Us was their unforgettable, heart touching story, and meltworthy story that explores what happens next.

Us was everything.

To say that I loved this book is putting it too mildly. I loved this book with every bit of my heart, every freaking ounce of my being. To say that Wes and Jamie are some of my favorite book boyfriends ever is putting it too mildly too. Those boys sure know how to win a girl over with their love, their connection, and all that they share with one another. There wasn't a page of this book that didn't have me falling harder for those two, and I loved every bit of that because that just showed me how connected and invested I was to the two of them and their love story. Wes and Jamie are just kind of the best. Truly. I heart those two men something fierce, and their story in Us was meaningful, pulled at all of my emotions in the best way, and in the end, gave me a story that I know I will never forget reading.

Us follows Jamie and Wes as they try to navigate the ups and downs that come with keeping their relationship on the down low. Wes is having an amazing rookie season and is tearing it up in Toronto, and Jamie is there supporting him all the way through as he tries to make his first coaching job a good one. Jamie and Wes are finally together, and even though Wes's schedule can sometimes make their alone time difficult, the two of them are fiercely in love and looking forward to their future together. Then stuff starts to get a bit more complicated. Like really complicated. One of Wes's teammates moves into their apartment building, and starts coming by all the time, leaving Jamie and Wes on edge about their relationship coming out sooner than they planned. Then you have the issues that Jamie starts having at his job, the strain that travel has on their relationship, and a slew of other things that soon have Jamie and Wes fighting like all they can to get back to the place they want to be. Together.

Us follows the two of them as they face the challenges with keeping their relationship together in this new phase of life, along with everything else that comes their way. They certainly don't have it easy in this book, but those boys never stop fighting, and that will have you loving and feeling every moment you get with them in this book. Us shows what happens after. What happens after you realize who you are, what you want, and what you need. It follows what happens after you make life changing choices, and how you handle the ramifications of those choices. Us is about that after and the scary, exciting, all-feeling and intense things it can bring to your life, and how through it all the person right beside you, fighting through it with you, is what matters most.

What I loved about Us was that it followed the next steps in Wes and Jamie's relationship. This book and its events weren't the easiest for those two, but it pushed the two of them to realize some big things. Especially with Jamie's character. This book and its events pushed Wes and Jamie to realize what they were sharing, how far they were willing to go for one another, and it made them realize again and again how important they were to one another. While I won't reveal specifics of what the face in Us, lets just say what they face gives them both that little push that they need to realize the true depth of what they feel and share with one another.

Wes was just as wonderful as ever in Us, and I especially loved that we got to see him doing so well in the NHL. I loved all of the interactions with his teammates, especially Blake, and I loved that this book let him feel again and again how much he loved Jamie and how far he was willing to go for their relationship. There were so many moments that exemplified all of those feelings and that love he felt for him, and these authors made those moments unforgettable. I won't lie, some of those moments with Wes hurt my heart like crazy because of what he was going through as he tried to face everything that came his and Jamie's way, but Wes's tenacious self shined through in more ways than one in Us.

Once again, Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy create his character in a way that let's you see the many different sides he has. They let you get that he has this charming personality and this fire, but at the same time he's vulnerable and raw in a lot of places because of what he's experienced and the fears that's created. They bring that to the page in the most authentic and heart squeezing way that will seriously have you feeling so much for his character through every page. He's also Wes, so that healthy dose of charm and charisma he has doesn't hurt either.

Now Jamie's character probably goes through the most in this book. The events of Us and everything that he and Wes go through probably takes the biggest toll on him because it forces him into places he never really thought he would be. He feels unsure, he doesn't feel like himself, and he struggles. Boy does he struggle a bit in this book, but through that struggle he learns a lot about himself, about Wes, and about their relationship. I loved being there through that struggle with him, not because I wanted him to go through all of that, but because I completely understood where it came from. I got why Jamie felt and thought the things he did, and I was mesmerized by all that that man does to try to make it better. His tenacity coupled with Wes's makes this book the amazing thing that it is.

You know I almost feel like Us was Jamie's book to work through things. Obviously both Him and Us focus on Wes and Jamie's relationship and the many aspects to that, but I feel like Him showed a lot of the journey that Wes went through and the many struggles he faced, and in a way, Us was that for Jamie. This book wasn't easy for him, and it pushed his character to some not so pretty places, but it also made him realize so much. That struggle made him get so much across the board, and I personally feel like he needed that. The events of Us make Wes and Jamie who they are, and I truly felt like I had such an immense understanding and a deeper love of the two of them after seeing all that they go through in Us.

Now don't go thinking this book is all struggle, because it's also wickedly hot, and has so many laugh out loud moments bursting with charm that you will love. You definitely feel the love and desire and need Jamie and Wes share for one another, and that all weaves its way through this book perfectly and in a way that is certainly going to get you blushing in the best way. Jamie and Wes are going to make you melt and swoon and fall for them all over again in Us, and I for one basked in every moment they gave me in this book. Their love is so distinctive, so deeply felt, and so alluring and real and honest, and that will have you loving and believing in every single thing they share together. Trust me.

Not to be change the spotlight, but Blake was one of the best supporting characters I have ever read. I loved that man. Hard. He was so funny, so charming, and just so him. His interactions with Wes and Jamie were the absolute best and I really could not get enough. I've got my fingers crossed for more of him sometime soon, because let me tell you, he is a character you don't forget.

Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy's writing brought the world of this series to life once again in the most all-feeling and unforgettable way. They made Wes and Jamie's journey in Us that more emotional, that more real, and that more enrapturing with every single word that is so beautifully crafted in this book. You feel every bit of this book. Every moment of desire and want that has you blushing and melting something fierce, every moment of pain and heartache that leaves these two reeling in ways they never expected, every moment of pure love and feeling that has you believing in every single thing that Jamie and Wes share. You feel it all, and you love it all because it's so wonderful, it's so real, and it's so Wes and Jamie.

I could really go on and on about how much I loved this book, this series, and getting back with Wes and Jamie. I already know Him and Us will be on my top reads of the year because you can't read books as phenomenal as these ones and not have them be favorites. Wes and Jamie deserve to be your favorites. I love those two like my next breath, and this book, its events, and every moment of their love, honesty, and connection solidified that again and again.

This book is why I believe in love, in acceptance, the power they both have, and in the pure happiness and completeness that comes when you have both of those things with the right person who truly gives you it all.

Wes and Jamie give you it all. Us gives you it all. Everything you experience with them in this unforgettable book gives you it all, and in the end it really doesn't get better than that because that all, well it's everything. And sure maybe it's messy and maybe it hurts sometimes, and maybe it puts you in places you never thought you'd be, but it's real, and it's right, and it's love, and that truly is everything.

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Mo (The Scarlet Siren) LOVED this book! I can't get enough Wes & Jamie!

Megan  ~The Never Ending Book Basket I am with you 100% on that!! I love them both sooooo much!!! (And reading this book just made me love them more!!)

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